Zec, Yfi, Waves, Doge, Stx, Hbar, Coti, Band, Wtc, Avax Son Durum & Hedefler ? ➡️ Tekni̇k Anali̇z 🚨 ⚠️

Hey everyone, I'm here again in my second video, today, we'll, talk about folk dances, we'll. Talk about zip, age, we'll, talk about yep and all of them, and the others, but I want to start you off with a quick reminder, You know, friends, I'm adding all the parities that I talked about in the videos of alloy to my Deride profile, You can find my Franklin profile in the description, section. Furthermore, you can use the interactive tables to see the current levels while waiting for my next video about these. Pairs. Friends, after saying, this, I, immediately start the evaluation with the big match, which is my first pair. First, I make a reminder, as there may be friends watching this pair for the last time, as in every gold video.

He spoke the vertical line represents him friends that purple wavy line represents 21 days of EMEA. He green dived line represents 55 days of home yeast on a January day that rising DI As, a matter of fact, in the following days and that day, if you pay attention, you. Will see that we find support from here. We said that it is quite possible that the two of them will resist, But if we go above this train line, we said that we can talk here as the first Target.

And here as the second target. Catch, the momentum, Possible bottom. Sheep technique, 16 games in general are affected by their relationship with Bitcoin dominance. One sheep to friend moves So.

Everything we're talking about here is a form. Do. Not forget that there is a connection with Bitcoin in the. Province. But of course, we do not have to make a full reminder every time, So do not think of our technical evaluations completely independently, But in case, there is no problem with Bitcoin, I, tell you not to forget that you generally follow the technical fields in your lower heart. In the case of a green preferably, It would be much better to have this.

Our. First target will be 75 69 level. And our second target will be 86-94 level. ZI I wish I could even tell the 3rd target, 90 7.74 levels, These will be our three targets. Friends. Now, the bell has passed, if you have already entered with this break, I think the train Taste has dropped below 63.

So. Unless you go below 63 levels again, There is nothing to worry about unless you have a daily Cup below this. If. We turn it off, We will watch this one, which coincides with the 55 and 56 levels, as Trend.

But. This train gets a sweet. Broken, suction., So, I think a positive trend has started that I think I will go towards the targets. It was below, But we said that the area that coincides with the level of 22173 and 21, 21 1235, which is our Short-term parallel support area. Here, is very important.

As. We will stop. And we believe in the Momentum that will be created by breaking the tastes of the train, We talked about the first target, the level of 31660 8, The second target, the two levels of 39770, And the third target, the level of 44 thousand.

As, you will remember, a Momentum came as soon as the train broke. The dessert. I. Look today, if you pay attention, Friends, Now, the train has turned into a sweet and strong deck, sales have come, I found support from both this train line and the oil to the labor from here, And my very strong coat looks very positive. , I think hp is on my way to my second goal, I. Think it continues, The world has already achieved the first goal, The second all of us, 39770 2, 3., Our target will be 44 thousand, You should reduce your positions as the targets come, Is, watch, then I recommend you.

Know, you know, you know, friends, The first target came , although it depends on the risk you take. Some sell. Fifty percent., Some. People sell 125, a little more plant lovers , but definitely targets SATA I. Remind you again to continue selling, friends, in the short term Truck seems to be up in the seedling, let's, come, let's, come, One of the many questions is VAX, and I believe that profit sales can put pressure on this as it is one of the best performing assets of recent times. We'll talk. About it in weeks, As, a matter of fact, This sales pressure brought us to the level of 4 81/4 42 supported in the package, which is our critical support, vol, on January 4th, We found a support from here, exactly, friends, who are there So?

Five 85, 91, you are Good night, We see that the green gold does not work as a support, but I think that the upward trend will continue. If we know this area as a deck. Again in case, we go above this green, tread again, but frankly, Vast, friends, I hope that for me to. Enter, Vast friends should at least not close it on a daily basis, but should go above it immediately, If we talk for today, in the coming days., Of course, it will change, But if we talk for today, it almost coincides with the level of 36/6. Somebody We are talking about 13 percent profit for the TH goal and 41 percent profit for the second goal, It is quite reasonable for this, But if you ask my opinion, frankly, if this is closed on a daily basis in Tire, I will target this one, My friends, My style is a little more guaranteed, bottom, sheep, that's, why?

But it may be logical to enter with a hyphen in case of getting sucked and exceeded. In, the short term, It may be logical to enter the genre by being thankful for being under Eyre fats and looking negative in the short term because he is still under the field . We continue, get out right, with the game, especially the mimic found from the friendly sheep., I said, What is an entity that is affected by social media trends, What is the. Level of 50 thousand 638 and 47 1641. When we last spoke in January? We said that you will benefit from OACI levels, we talked about 1.6, 118/2 point, 618 levels, But both of them climbed up to 4.2 136 in terms of the vehicle I don't know, So I, don't think the sales here are related to these Fibonacci levels because they are a very serious jersey here right? Now, friends, But at least 2.6 118 at the moment.

Fibonacci series, which just coincides with the level of 90 2868. If. You notice, It has been getting support from this area for days.

If. It can stay above it, He thinks that it is possible to try the levels of 3.6 118, that is, 118 thousand 960 and 4.2 136, which is the previous peak level of almost 135,000. Friends, These are levels, But if you ask my opinion, I, think he will do it, Profit. Sales will be suppressed as it is based here. .

I want to enter the rebirth, frankly, The resistance area we broke here is now between 50,000 and 47 levels, which are turned into support. If, he tries this one, which corresponds to, I would prefer to enter this one, I would prefer to enter this one, considering these goals, to eat at a Tire Frankly, It is not my style. In. This sense,, I thought it was very risky. We talked about.

This area is very critical, So if we close daily above 0.43, 92 and 0.42 56, we said that we can talk about the above levels. In the following days, We see that this area works as support, This is our shortest-term support, It is already below them. Eminaalar will rise even higher in the following days. Two suction.

Oils will work as support above. This is quite Moment, One of these strong and positive ones. Our. First goal above is for people who intend to enter a trend again, here, on top of that. We talked about whether it can be entered if it is closed for a while.

As. The first target, friends, I talked about the level 0, 62 39 and 0. 60 76. It can be entered in a short time by targeting this place, The second and third targets can be.Entered a short time, if we talk by making use of the Fibonacci levels, the level of 3.6 118 can be our second target, which corresponds to 0.79 82 anyway, above them., no matter how much 4.2 136 Fibonacci, 0.91, coincides, ,, I think there may be a Photo movement up to one level in the upper part of this section, friends, but frankly, I will close their positions here at 0.79 level. , If the movement continues for myself, I believe that I should take my pain away and act. Guaranteed.

I. Am a person. Who has experienced this, and I would recommend him to you? I have seen that acting with the mentality of flying and running too much like this usually hurts. I am sure I am wrong. .

It has been very useful for you. But. My experience is in this direction. . This is also very strong in the short term, And those who seem positive will remain positive, unless they fall under the test oils. Friends are coded as federal hospital Hear.

If. You always remember Area, on a January date, friends, here, too, A. Train formed by red and rising bottoms was sweet, We fell here. , Trump formed by the descending hills above We said that we believe that the upward momentum can increase because the horse is broken at the same time in the suction area, As, a matter of fact, look friends,, in the previous examples, like the train broke sweetly, If you always look at the price, the price respects, these train balls. How.

Do we understand that when the train breaks sweet, We see that my coat increases and we see. Strong candles. 0 39 60 and zero 38, 90 five, which we speak as the first Target in case of The, banana was closed before because 0 56 85 level came from my point of view, it's news for me. Ah, The, thyroid relationship with this team is over now Because.

It has been achieved at the 3 target., Here,, friends, The area above this I can say as the Target, first, it will be the previous closing, point., It coincides with 0 68 66 levels. And if it is above it, I will draw this in red. In. The trading. Slot, I will upload this final version This is the previous Peak. Point.

It will be 0082 97. And above them level, 0.1 appears as a psychological threshold, But as I said, my positions are still closed at federal Hah. Sufficient, Let's. Go friends, There is a trend created by descending hills in the bad as well, I, see, an opportunity, here, frankly, in Jodi. If. You notice, we said that we added a train many times, But it continued all the way up, I said that we believe it will not cause a big problem. Even if there is a resistance at 0, 51 level, here.

0-60 above a thousand can be said., If 0-60 and above SEV are turned off that day, It may make sense to enter a Type, because when all his children are broken, his coat is usually up, as you know, in case of entering such a train, friends, , . Our first target is 0 69 48, which is almost 16 percent of us. Happens.

Second, if our target is 0-90 level, 49 percent 50 percent It means almost a trend, I. Think it is quite enough Friends. So here in Jodi.

It. Will confirm itself with a daily close or together, If there is a strength in the day until the very close during the day, it can be entered., but waiting for the closing is always the healthiest thing as I always say, Friends, I made this trend from these trips. . If, you're, playing, let's, bring our flowers and I too. On, a January date, friends, , . We talked about the need to lose our support area for the money, which corresponds to the level of 5, 45 35 45 and 505. If. You remember, I said that if.

You go above the 7/47 level, if it is closed for a day, it makes sense to enter because we will make rising peaks here, and we will have broken the resistances that kept us under for a long time, But here as I said, before, in case, you wait for the daily close It will be possible for you to get a little higher., That's why, as I said, You can enter as soon as something related to risk management, broke. But. If a needle is thrown and the closing fills down, and you can turn negative, is that the. Diary?, There will be this area that corresponds to the 32 level, But we see that my first target has already been realized, And our second target would be this package that corresponds to 12 69 and 12 22, And our third target would be the 0786 level, which corresponds to the 14 66 level, friends, So here is a one-day. Closing.

Even. If you entered a trace, even if you took some of your profit, right, now, a trifle of 18 percent. Actually, or it would have been a trace., It looks positive right?. Now., I think it would be possible to follow the second and third resistances, that is, the targets. But.

The first is Elf, if you have it, if you entered according to this account, this girl, but if we entered anywhere, it would be healthier to sell at least twenty-five percent of our assets, preferably fifty percent in the first and the rest in the second. But. You are thinking in three stages, Like, This is something about risk management. Personally, friends, We continue, volt, They are a. Very similar you on the balcony, here are the desserts formed by the descending hills, And we talked about the criticality of the train line formed by the hills rising in a quarry.

Despite our. Ca, period, we found support. And as of yesterday, we broke it. Therefore, Did we not close the train daily under the Matt? That's? Why it is below the 0/30 level daily., What, I found, which corresponds to the level of 0 55 to 0 57.

90, will be the rocket. It looks very positive, because it is on the top, Let's get its support immediately, But as I said at the beginning, I, remind you that, although the bottom sheep comply with our technical fields when we look at it on a daily basis, even though everything seems positive in the table of extremes in bitcoin, The bottom Queen has turned the tables. Negative., forget when you know, friends of the month So for sure I am always Who.

Are we management If? You see daily closing below Return, Matt, O your position, maybe not, ok, but close at least half of it. Managing the risk is a very important factor in this business, Because lastly, when we spoke to a friend Ava, the rising Star of the last days, on a January.

E, We said that it would be logical to enter a Tire. If the yeast is closed on a daily basis. As, a matter of fact, Foothold talked about our first target being this area that corresponds to the level between 4/48 and 4.33. We talked about our second target being the 32/5 level. The peak level.

But. We don't have anything else at the moment, I. Talked about it being 99/6, that is, 78. It's, a very reasonable Profit I'm, not telling you guys what to do, I'm just trying to give you perspective and guide you a little and teach you a little of strategy in this business, As you know, I think it's a good Profit., Frankly, I'd, rather close. The positions in Ava.

I can keep some of it. But. This is what I said. For Trait, If you believe in the long-term project, friends, it is a separate thing., completely, short-term strategies for Trait. So if you have a long-term perspective, I say that all what I said does not apply to others in Ava. Today I am coming to the end of the words house ugly you like it click, the like button, Don't, forget to laugh and comment, See. You tomorrow very good to yourself.