Tony Horton P90X Pullups | Help With P90X Pullups

Hello boys and girls. It is trainer tip time, and it's about getting better and pull-ups. People say, I, can't do pull-ups. What that's a lot.

Yes, you can, I'm going to show you how three stages here's stage number one, the chair here. It is something strong something stable something you don't mind, putting your foot up. Okay. The closer the cheer is directly underneath the bar as you can see close, right, I get lots of leverage this way. I'm going to put my foot right on the chair. I'm going to use the towel here. So.

Don't Marne up. And now it's a lot about my legs, of course, but look, you can see these are muscles that are working I. Am I using my upper body.

Now, over time, lets me get to 15-20 reps from the bar unless leverage you have with your legs in the more you're, lying you're, fine. So now tip number two on stage one is I'm going to put the ball of my foot or toe on the chair, not the middle like I did before. So now I'm really relying on my arms more.

Okay. So people say, how do I go to stage two man? How do I get rid. Of that chair, bye-bye chair here's. What you're going to do you're going to have to do short range of motion pull-ups with a little kit. You're going to get up in there, right? Three or four, I, don't care, 15 20 here you make this transition three or four reps live with it is'll get better over time.

So I jump up and watch my range of motion right? It's. All here where my strength is just get that bar past your chin. Look at my legs.

Look at my legs, a little Hippy, move I'm doing that's stage, two it's, a little ugly. It doesn't matter you're working with your own body weight. Now of course, in time, what you want to try to get to is hold a range of motion hanging down with less body, English.

Alright. So here's what's gonna look like then eventually you get right to the end all right. So let's recap stage. One use the chair the closest to the bar, the more leverage, the further away, the less leverage stage two.

You get rid of the bun of the chair. You may come short range of motion, right? Whatever it takes Stage.

Three is. Increase your range of motion, less body, English, there you go one, two three, it takes time, practice and patience, but I know you can do it. This is Tony Horton trainer tips.

See you next time you.