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Hi everyone, welcome back to the channel. So we're going to be doing another 15 through Tuesday, so I'm going to be looking at another meet on this particular video. So this one back with a brand - froggy YUM. Now last time, I tried their smoked, ham, slices, and I wasn't, a fan of those because they tasted way too much like meat, like pretty much exactly like pork would taste.

So you know, hoping that this chicken has the texture and the consistency sort of chicken bubbly want that really meaty sort of. Play ball, but I, guess we going to find out so this one's a slow roasted chicken or vegan lightly, seasoned. Okay. Original recipe fresh plant based on genetically modified, I, wouldn't expect it to be, but my restroom from a miracle. So let's see pretty much the same as the ham back to Sam some ingredients. You're mostly looking at weird, gluten and tofu that pretty much makes up the whole sort of thing.

So it is looking promising right on us. Let's check it out space. We're losing side on you, particularly okay. Well, we've got a pack of chicken pieces. It looks like two devices. Let's get into one missus forces. Okay, it doesn't smell like chicken.

What it actually smells like is if you've actually had vegan chicken before it smells exactly the same as, although they also just act the same, so I don't, you know, she can like those I mean, the textures group of the flavor just isn't there for those because they're a bit odd flavored, I. Guess, chicken should be slightly more glam. And you put your own flavors to. It so you know, anyway, it let's let's check this. When I was younger, well, that's not bad. The text is definitely there. It has to check texture of a chicken.

Or if you see this, it sort of breaks part and I mean, hard to see if it breaks pothole itself together. A bit sort of has like on sort of had chickens have like the tendons itself here when meat holds itself together, it's kind of doing, huh, sir another, certainly now the texture. This has pretty much exactly like me, texture, the support where the. Best texture.

Baking means I've actually had which is actually quite good at both flavor. Guys, I was telling us previously my vegan chickens have that really strange. So favorite time to explain if you've had thin chicken, you'll know, I'm talking about this doesn't have one. This is what I said if it's more with more bland, which is what it should be I'm guessing. This is going to be perfect in like a quarry or something like sometimes by security, which is probably what I'll do with this I mean, I.

Can't leave it on saying, but it's being plain, but that's the best part about it. This really is the only chicken. So pretty good job that done there.

I mean, that like I said that the ham is terrible. But this is quite good. If it doesn't taste to me, they said, they're going to texture that it's pretty much written at me.

You mean, texture without that kind of also I'll play ball. So definitely good definitely give this one. A try to check this one off that's typewriter. You know, and I know you can get pretty much. Everywhere, these people actually be in the game since like with us a year, 1988, batting. So that's, probably do pretty good jobs, they're meats and stuff because of everything that's prolonged I, won't live anywhere else.

So certainly something to check out check that one hour.

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