Tbs Commercials - January 30, 1995

This has Beth TBS, New swatch, TBS and Africa, the real-life Lion King story and flamingo. Watch tweet living for me. Those live from Kenya spectacular Rift, Valley, Lions of darkness. And flamingos watch Sunday night 90s turned exclusively on TBS. The Perry Mason movie will return in a moment on TBS originals presents anatomy of love. She grabbed the hold of me, and it wouldn't.

Let me go a provocative two-part. Look at the nature of modern love I believe in that first little twins, the mysteries of. Mating tempered I was looking I was more open marriage. It took a long time to get to this point and why we stray anatomy of love a TBS, special presentation, beginning, Valentine's, Day at 8:05, Eastern, exclusively on TBS, my CTO job and that way, hey, Dad there's, a brand Emma cool. I bet it's got a five-speed and 150 horsepower like our sedan car. You know what?

Yeah, and I'm going to drop a grand. Am really you can that's. My boy, of course, I have to talk to your mom about fear.

Dave I have a good fortune to. Break down in front of a Wendy's, the other day. So I went inside to use the phone said, the food looks great. I'm. Going to have lunch I couldn't believe what I could get for 99 cents each a big, hot baked potato a side salad and a biggie training. My whole meal is under $3, which made it an even better deal and I had plenty left over to pay that cute guy who towed my car away loved my chest. I love, happy endings, Wendy's, 99-cent, super value menu.

Better food makes it a better value. When you hot pockets. Filled with delicious pepperoni pizza, chicken and cheddar for ham and cheese in a crispy pocket the hot meal in a pocket, try lean pocket - if you want a cereal that's more than just flakes, try the nutty taste of clusters because cluster starts with crispy flakes.

Then adds crunchy nut clusters made with almonds pecans walnuts and just a light touch of honey for a sweet nutty, taste. So if you want cereal without any difference, get your hands on some custard, how do green thumbs deep veggies fresher. Longer good luck, red vegetable bags with tiny holes caught freshness vents. They let the right amount of moisture out keep freshness in that's. The whole reason Ziploc has a lock.

Why does PRESO taste better than rag old-world style? It probably has a lot to do with all PRESO goes through to make sure it's thicker more delicious. And a lot to do with what just goes through rag old-world style, PRESO homemade taste. You can see it people who really understand money can read. It discovers not only.

Discover card offers cashback on, so it's, the choice of people who really know the drill it pays to discuss now back to the Perry Mason movie on TBS. The Perry Mason movie will return in a moment on TBS. What am I doing here with you, you're? My brother, it's your genetic obligation to help me ride my bike so will the hundred and fifty horsepower standard.

This Grand Am is really room on the 10th. Driving was a blast. Handling the power. Well, that's, why you get a Pontiac anti-lock brakes are standard and.

Price-Wise the Camry and importance punch. The Grand Am, really, yep, I researched it. Well, I'd say, you know what you're doing thank you. So what am I doing here? Helping me pick out a color car?

Yeah, don't. You love there's, a whole new spirit that Pizza Hut that's. Why from now on your pizza will be right, or it's free guarantee another reason to switch from freeze-dried coffee to dark orange Folgers crystals Folgers bosoms members were like ground, roast, it's, fresh brewed, commonly made into crystals. Folgers crystals see the difference in an instant yet another reason to switch from freeze-dried to dark, rich, Folgers crystals Folgers looks and smells more like ground. Roast of the freeze-dried costs about a dollar more Folgers crystals market. The difference in an instant, the people versus OJ Simpson follow the trial with anchor, Jim Moray and correspondent. Mark watts, nightly reviews of the day's testimony during prime news and special trial editions of Larry King Live for complete coverage of.

The Simpson case turned to CNN only one dog cereal could be this much fun. You meet basic for a playful mixture of textures and tastes with crispy flakes, sweet and tangy fruits and crunchy nuts, splash on cold milk and get something tasty from the four full moons basic cool, taste some wood. Well that fit all some don't, forget it's for adults. You know, I thought, I'd say, big with his stuff. But my downy turned out to be the real value I've heard more of this other softener into every wash went through. It is like water, hoping for Donny's great softness, this one bottle of downy softened, a lot more eighth house 68 pairs of socks.

13 blouses, 8, baby, blankets, 4 sheets, 34 t-shirts 5, pairs of jeans, that's 7, more loads with downy. If all the softness isn't, a value, I, don't know, what is downy softness is the real value? Ok? Throat needs so than getting reach for new celestial Seasonings, summers, real fruit, juice, flavor and all-natural. Herbal throw drops, not too sweet, not too strong sore throat relief that's. Just. Right, celestial Seasonings, soothers movies for guys who like movies and first up, twenties, wood, Dirty, Harry movies for guys who like movie this Sunday and every Sunday at 7:00 Eastern only on TBS now back to the Perry Mason movie on TBS.

The Perry Mason movie will return in a moment on TBS. These subjects are suffering from extreme cases of denial, I, don't know what you're talking about the DBS team of professionals, Ben Mattock, followed by Perry Mason break through the denial. No, no, no. Not if it's. True and get to the guilt, but your honor higher every weekday - own guilt and denial. I don't need doctors, I need lawyers Mattock in Mason weekdays at 11:05 on TBS with sheer energy, you're ready for anything because you're, never quite sure where the day is going to take you sheer energy from legs goes wherever you need it to its strong, its sheer it's beautiful and with sheer energy, you'll have the energy you need once you get to your next destination, sheer energy from legs, it's, amazing, how far. You can go in a great pair of pantyhose, hey about that Kendall with Valley coupons, the smartest values in your neighborhood, whoa, clean carpet.

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You can see it next it's, the last great adventure of the weekend National Geographic, Explorer coming up next on CBS. Just when I think the world right there here you are Chiba because you cherish your cat from Turner publishing comes a new novel by author, Tim Greene, where professional sports and professional gambling meet head-to-head on the field of battle Titans. Now, in bookstores everywhere, I thought, their pizza was something.

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These new Doritos it's great here, such friendly service, all these smiling faces. Perez at the chip everyone's, just so eager to help I wish I could do this more often new Doritos, tortilla chips. So good, they flavor. The way you look at life is the bureaucracy beautiful come over to our house at midnight with special guests.

The Neville Brothers, yep, live from the House of Blues presented by Pontiac Gunfire. This Friday at midnight Eastern with the Neville Brothers only on TBS now back to the Perry Mason movie on TBS. Real flavor has arrived in a fat-free dressing, honey Dijon from. Hidden Valley, the tang of Mill Dijon mustard. The sweetness of real Valley, honey without fat or cholesterol made with real nonfat buttermilk, so it's filled with flavor, not bad.

Hidden, Valley, fat-free dressing. Finally, panties, let's, stay put really shouldn't that stay in place and comfortably. Now if you could just figure out what to wear over them fruit of the Loom clothes that make you feel good, dear Dave, my fianc and I went out to buy the ring. She saw a really nice one, but it was more than I.

Thought, $5,000 said, honey, let's, not buy the Rings, but I want those big screen TVs he's, dead, apparently I said, something wrong. So we went to Wendy a junior bacon, cheeseburger and biggie fries for me baked potato and chili for her. The food was delicious. And that 99 cents each on the Super Value menu, it's a great value, which brings me back to the big TV. What do you think buy the ring? Wendy, super value menu, better food makes it a better value. He's, not a cop.

We don't take ex-cons officially I was. Cleared he's, not a private eye, but I might need your help and danger. Connie's got bodyguard, and he does love his work. Doesn't. He yeah, he is not his middle name. Jack Scalia is Connie.

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Breast ate fried, decide any three side dishes like macaroni and cheese barbecue baked beans mad. Would you pass me a biscuit? Okay? And how about a delicious dessert?

Mmm, I may never cook. Again, that's cold, easy, Fred, the new mega meal for one at KFC. We challenge anybody. To give you a more meal for your money. Now from CNN a network that gives you an even more global view of the world with international news and business world sports and global weather now available in America CNN International, the longest work and I go to school. So we're real busy in the morning, sometimes, and we're stuck. But we always find if it's really fast.

My likes it because. It warms me up I like it because I, like it low-fat whole grain instant, Quaker Oatmeal, instead of cold cereal, my keys for. Moms who have a lot of love here, mom, but not a lot of time. Next it's, the last great adventure of the weekend National, Geographic, Explorer coming up next on CBS, no dog in the world is handsome as Sherman. At least he thinks, oh and one reason he looks so good is because he eats Purina One brand lamb and rice formula, which can help his skin and coat look better it's. The only one in your grocery store that combines real lamb with brewer's rice and other wholesome ingredients to bring out his natural.

Shine now the problem is I can't get him away from that mirror cheering in a 1 second to none I've created a monster there's, something you're gonna love at Pizza Hut, even before you take your first bite, our guarantee if your pizza isn't right, it's, free you'll probably never need it. But it's nice to know, it's there from CNN Headline News. This is CBS News. Watch Oh J, Simpson's, attorney claims. The football legend was hitting golf balls at the time. Prosecution, contends. He murdered his ex-wife and.

Ronald Goldman, the judge has granted. The prosecution 10 more minutes to update their opening statements. President Clinton is urging congressional leaders to work out their differences on his proposed 40 billion dollar bailout plan for Mexico, former congressman and housing secretary.

Jack Kemp has announced that he will not seek the 1996 Republican presidential nomination for New swatch I'm Andy, Jordan, usually we think of a high-tech we think about, you know, Buck Rogers kind of stuff. We are bringing. Technology, literally down to earth and choose as everybody wear shoes, we're working on materials that don't wear out because people want to do better. People will play tennis and baseball and I find that the shoes are lasting a lot longer and DuPont's, really the source of that technology, I'm having fun and high-tech.

Low tech, there's, no such thing, it's technology, how you use that technology is what's really important. This has been TBS New swatch.