Tabla De Tolerancia Maxima De Conductores Y Disyuntores Electricos

Very good afternoon, friends of your channel, electrical work el Camacho on this occasion, I come to show something that if it is of great importance. This would be the hope table of the one that supports an electrical cable. And what kind of 'together we can' it uses depending on the size of google caliber, depending on the size of the cable, well, the caliber of the conductor that would be this being a conductor or a cable. And depending on the caliber we are going to use this. What would be our. Director that is a 20 amp circuit breaker.

That is normally used to take currents and for lights it's like the most basic here I'm going to show you in this table, how we can do this and do those calculations. Well, first of all the conductors that we have or don't have with whom we are going to work in residential. Electricity would be the first would be number 14 conductor, 14. The second conductor here we are going to use, which is a euro that we use the most the 12 the third conductor, which is the. Number 10 and another conductor that we use a lot that they like to put the ground in connection to the ground of what would be the board to make the ground would be the number 8 from yesterday that will be the number 6 that is the moment that Costa Rica is the one that this is done normally used as for connections.

But the one recommended based on the electrical code would be number 4. And the last conductor used is also number 2, which are basically two and four are for connections where the. Current or electricity comes from of the fabric that does not supply our company. And from there, it comes to our house. And the board is divided from here to below basically 6 downwards.

Well, cable number 14, tolerates. The tolerance of this cable is 25 amps. It tolerates 25 amps, the resignify them amps, the circuit breaker that should be used for this cable appears to be a conductor, The ideal would be one of 15 amps and a maximum of a different maximum of 20 amps that would be for cable number 14 or. For the conduit actor 14 for conductor number 12, which is the one we use the most this tolerates. The tolerance of this conductor is 30 amps, the ideal circuit breaker or basically, many people know it as a breaker, but it is a space and ideal director would be one of 20 amps and the maximum that can be used would be one of thirty-one of thirty amps that would be for the cable or for cable number 10 in that cable in the maximum tolerance is 40 amps. The ideal circuit breaker that would be used in this.

With that conductor would be one of 30 amps and a maximum circuit breaker that would be used for this conductor does not seem like a cable would be the 40 amp cable. The following cable would be cable. Number 8, this cable tolerates, a maximum of 55 amps. The ideal circuit breaker for this cable would be 50 amps and the maximum circuit breaker. A maximum that we can use would be 12.

In this case, it would be 50 amps. Also, the conductor caliber. Number 6, this tolerates a maximum of 75 amps.

The 10 and a bull idea l for him, it would be a 70 amp one. And the maximum circuit breaker would also be a 70 amp. One, the cable that follows it down would be the one that would normally have to be used in a connection. It would be a number 4 gauge. The number 4 gauge tolerates, a maximum of 95 amps ideal circuit breaker for this would be one of 90 amps and the maximum circuit breaker that should be used would also be one of 90 amps. The last one would be cable number 2, which would be basically if we.

Could use 2 for a community. It would be better much better because at a future, we can increase the main board more or how to do more. We are going to add another additional board or make it bigger in this number 2, the maximum tolerance is 130 amps. The ideal circuit breaker for one of a cable or a number two conductor is 100 amps and the maximum circuit breaker that can be used would be one of 125 amps. This would be the table to be able to know what kind of circuit breaker.

We would use based on. The cable knowing so what the cable tolerates works well without further ado that would be what is in this video, I hope, it helps you when you need it. You can come and see it I hope. It will be very helpful if you liked it, and it serves as Elena thumbs up, and thanks for this. But this video of works Camacho, electrical.

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