Sdcc Exclusive Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts Funko Pops!

Hey, guys, what's going on Potter pop-country here coming at you with another unboxing video today, I have three pops that I picked up from different stores from San Diego comic-con. So these were summer convention, exclusives was super glad to add these to my collection as well really excited for all the new Harry Potter pops that have been coming out lately and will be coming out in the future. So really excited to see new ones in the line today, I have Naming in her human form from the crimes of. Grindelwald, we also have Rita Skeeter and then the flocked version of Fox. So here are the three that I have, and I wanted to do an unboxing video and share them with you guys. So here first we have Naming, which is number 31, and she's from the crimes of Grindelwald.

And this was a Barnes Noble exclusive, and I was able to pick it up right away when it first came out. You can see the different ones in the line here, and I really thought. This one was a neat pop. This is she's metallic.

And obviously. She's in her human form from the movie, I guess maybe not metallic per se. But her dress is actually pretty cool. It kind of has a metallic issue paint job. They did a really cool job with her hair as well.

So again, I thought they did a really nice job on this one. And it was added to it glad to add this to my fantastic beast collection. The next one I have was also a Barnes & Noble exclusive. This is Rita skeeter excited to add this one as well I'm glad they made her into hip-hop I did get when I got. This one from Barnes & Noble, they came in the same box together. Rios Keaton was pretty much trashed.

So I took it back to the store, and they was lucky enough that they still had some in my local Barnes, & Noble that I was able to pick her up as well, and I thought they did a perfect job with these pops from San Diego comic-con. They are pretty neat-looking. So here she is with her bright green dress and her quick quotes quill I like her glasses. And the detail on her the chain on her glasses is.Also, kinda neat as you can see it's not attached here.

So this will kind of move across her glasses. So I thought they did any job with some attention to detail on this one. And again, I thought, this one was pretty cool, and I'm glad they made her into a pop as well, and I'm.

She does stand, but she also does have a base. So I wouldn't be surprised. It would tip over without the base.

But then again, we do have fox or Fox. This is the flocked version, and they did have a regular version that came. Out recently as well, and I'll show you a little of the difference between the two in a second when I unbox this one thing I thought was interesting with the Harry Potter pops from this set from San Diego comic-con. They do have the older line of Harry Potter pops that are on here for Fox for the flocked version and I do have the box from the other version of Fox as you can see pretty much the exact same pop.

Except this one is part of a different wave of the new pops that came out recently. So again, I thought, that was fascinating its, basically the same pop except once blocked and one isn't, but part of two different lines. So let's, go ahead and take Fox out of the box and I did already take this one out and take a look at it because I, couldn't, wait, and I thought. This one was a pretty neat looking pop I have to save probably out of all the flocked pops that I have this one is definitely my favorites and with the attention to detail and how much detail there is on the flocking. And kind of how much dimension it brings to the pop I thought.

This one was really cool. I have to say this one probably is one of my all-time favorite Harry, Potter pops. And as you can see here, and I know, some detail from the flocking doesn't come up on the camera as well as it does in just real life. But even just the attention to detail that they had on the feathers, I know, a lot of people kind of criticize this one, because you know, birds, don't really have fer. They have feathers. So the.

Flocking was kind of weird, but I really do enjoy this pop and was glad to add it to my collection. And again, between the two I do have the other version of Fox that I unbox at another video, and I'll link to that one in the video here. But you can see the difference between the two versions of Fox I thought. This one was what the flocking has a little richer, color, I, guess with the plastic version or just the plain plastic version.

They both do look really cool. And it was both, you know, I'm. Glad to have both with my collection, even though they're the same pop I thought they were pretty awesome. So here we go is the flocked version of Fox.

And again, really glad that for Comic Con. They did come out with all of these different versions of some Harry Potter pops. So let me know what you thought guys of these specific pops I was like I said, I'm glad that they're still making fantastic pieces ones. And the Harry Potter ones for Comic Con for the exclusives I was excited when I. Was able to order Fox on the Hot, Topic website and be able to get one of them, and then the other two from Barnes & Noble, but as always guys, let me know what you think of these pops, and thanks for watching and I.

Hope, you have a good day.