Scheels Outfitters 1500 Pro Digital Scale

Introducing the shields 1500 pro digital reloading scale, when you unpack your 1500 pro pay close attention to the yellow instructions on the inside of the case, unpack the scale and locate the locking, screw on the side of the scale, be sure to turn it four to five complete rotations counterclockwise open the plastic cover and press the on off button to power up the scale, let the scale warm up for three to four minutes prior to use for maximum accuracy for first time use the scale should be. Calibrated to do this use the included calibration weights and follow these steps after the scale is warmed up press and hold the tear button until cal 0 is displayed press, tare again and cal f is displayed place. Both 50 gram weights in the center of the platform and press tear when the display changes to cal 0, remove the weights and press tear the scale restarts. And you can check the calibration by placing a weight on the scale. It should read exactly 50.00 grams. You can change the unit of.

Measure by pressing the unit button for each press, a different unit is displayed to tear the weight of the pan place it on the scale and press the tear button for DC. Power uses the included power supply and plug the connector into the receptacle on the side of the scale. The scale can also run on battery power.

The battery is located below this sliding cover on the bottom of the scale. Thank you from shields.