Psy 102 Week 2 Assignment 1

Hey, class, welcome to the week 2 assignment. Video, I just wanted to make sure I post this video, um, just to answer some basic questions. You still may ask me questions. This is fine I'm all for that. You can send it in the individual form, or you can call. But basically, this assignment is going over sensation perception and consciousness. Now you want to make sure you are reading the directions carefully, okay, because a lot of times students will try to use websites to cite in this, uh particular.

Assignment if you use websites, there will be point deductions. So you have to use research articles I'm going to post a video about what a research article looks like that you could use. Okay.

Watch that one it'll be posted in the forum. Probably right below this post. Now, when you look at the instructions, it tells you to do citations at a minimum of 50 words. Now the reason why you're using citations is that you are providing a definition. Okay. So it says here in the directions to provide a. Psychological definition of the term and connect it to a personal example in your life.

So you can use the book as one what this means here is do not use examples in the book, meaning don't provide an example that it gives you in the book. You could use the book to cite some of these with the proper citation on when you define it. So the best way to go about this is to define, um, the term like you can define absolute threshold.

And then after you sign after you define it inside, it uses an example. That's the best route to go. So I know, the example, kind of gives you, um, just an overall example of what a sensation is. But the best way to go is to actually make a definition, cite, the definition and then move on with the personal example. Now if you use the definition, there should be no quoting if you quote, there'll be point, deductions. This should be in your own words.

Okay. It should be all paraphrased. So make sure you paraphrase correctly, don't just take a quote change a few words in it make sure.

It's all in your own words, this will help you learn the terms and also cut back on the amount of regurgitation from a source that you're using okay. So make sure there's a total of 10 of them. Now you can find some of these. You can use the book for some of these. And then you can find maybe two articles from GCU library, uh, for some other ones, you'd definitely probably be able to find definition from death perception top down or bottom down processing. You could choose. I would say use the book.

For may be four of them, um, you don't have to use these four, but you know for four of them, and then like the rest of them, you know, split it up to where it's like, um, you know, three and three from one article three from another. I want to see a variety on citations and make sure you put them down on the reference page. Now, here's key, notice how you have a citation in the example and the reference if you just throw a bunch of references down and no citations it's, a 20 point deduction, because I. Don't know if you use them, so the only way we know if you use them is a few placements into excitations now, they're, both required citation and reference. Okay. So in the body of the work, we see the citation, and if the reader or professor wants to go down and see where the source came from to actually look at the source and read it. We can be okay.

And we do so just make sure that you are doing that other than that. If you have any questions, I know, this is very short and brief, but type directly on this. Um, worksheet itself, it could look your answer could look a lot like this where you can come here, you know, and then define it cite use example. And then you can go to the next one same thing and keep going just doing the same thing.

Okay? And so it'll, obviously create space between if you don't want to mess up the numbers, because if you press enter it'll, add a number, what you can do is hold down the shift button and then press enter. And it kind of just like falls down. Okay, just to give you a couple.

Two bit examples, if you have any questions, please message me in individual forum. Okay, good luck.

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