Pear Products Review ๐Ÿ

Hello, YouTube, it's your man, Cameron back with another video. And I think it was about time. I actually procrastinated on this video. So I'm, actually gonna I'm going to finally show you my second blue pair phone and other pear, related products.

So let's do this? Okay? So as you can see, I keep them in this humongous cart, that's on the wheels, it's on wheels. So, yeah, let's get into this. Okay. So first my pair phones as you can see, this is my randy five six one that I showed in my previous video here's. My.

Red one the ones that I both showed, so those are pretty cool. And here is my mini blue one. It is a very cool. It kind of looks like just like the ones on the show, um, just like the red one, yes, that's cool.

But the thing is, it came kind of broken. So like see, I's kind of broken here. So I taped it together and the screen's kind of coming out a little like right there so that's kind of disappointing, but it's still cool.

So yeah, that's the blue pair phone. Next let's get on to the. Actual like other products that I made and stuff. So first, I made this one it's a purple one with the screen and everything and are you sure probably thinking you drew this camera and if you could literally see the drawing marks.

Yeah. So I actually made a fake blue one before my right after fun fact, right after I ordered this one before that I made a fake blue one. So I colored it purple. Because when I was going to get this one, I didn't need the fake blue one anymore. So I made a purple one. Yeah. So.

That's, pretty cool it's got that screen and apps and everything. Okay. Next I have. Um, this black one that was actually originally colored blue. But I drew black because there was like a black front. And as you can see, I taped the Carly logo on it.

And yeah, that's really cool because they're like a little picture thing here. So I taped the logo. That's cool.

So last one is one of my favorites, it's this one that I like darkened the color, so it's, just like a randy, five six of like stickers on stuff. I.Currently, make it shine in the slap that's cool with the apps and everything. So yeah, that's all the pair phones let's get into the pair of books. My favorite, wait, actually, I also forgot that. I have this small one that I printed out whoops, uh, it's. This one and yeah, it's like it's from though it's those OG paraphrases.

If you guys, um, if you guys like remember like the first few seasons of Carly and victorious, they know that they used to have the ones that were shaped like actual phones. So yeah, Those are pretty cool, um now let's get onto the pair books. So first is actually my randy five six box from the previous pair phone video. So as you can see kind of got beat up a little, so it's harder to open see there, you can see it opens. I keep the stickers inside, um, yeah. So if you guys want to like to see the stickers want to see my review for the last pair of fun go to my previous pair, fun. Video, okay.

So next I'm going to go from smallest to biggest. So first, this is kind of just like a. Replication of this one like red and everything. So this one all these are made out of cardboard, um, yeah. So, and these actually open too as you can see, I have a little keyboard for these.

And I said, the icarly.com on it. Most of these have icarly.com on it. Because that was when um, the Carly reboot show was actually like in production like in season one, um, yeah.

So also, if you guys are planning to watch it, um don't. If you're is you're like a viewer of an older age, like kind of my age, I. Guess you could watch it because there it's like a more adult show and there's its, duller and there's more like a few like bad words in it. So yeah, so ask your parents, and if they say, no, I'm, sorry, but just try to watch it at older age. Okay. So next I have this small red, one, which I really love.

So yeah, I have, um openwell.com me with the slap and there's my picture right there. And if you want to read it, pause, the video now and um, if you guys saw what it said, then go look that up yourself. Okay, Next one is the first one that I ever made it's the classic blue, and as you can see open it, oh keyboard. And this one says icarly.com, but there was it was one where it was a blank template.

And I put from nickelodeon's the after party as you can see the cast of Henry danger. And as you can see it's from the dodgeball episode dodging danger, um, yeah, um comment down below. If you remember nickelodeon's the after party so okay, next, um, one of my favorites. So this one nice, yellow, see, really nice, you open.

It and this one's kind of interesting because you open, it sees it's got the keyboard, but look it's, the Carly theme, song template, and it was like a green screen. So I covered in white put Carly and put pictures right here and actually, um comment down below actually, no, um, comment down below on my Instagram on my latest post that which that you can guess which these pictures which episodes these pictures were from. Okay. So that's cool. One of my boxes fell. Okay.

Next one is actually my favorite. So. It's a pleasant big, bulky purple. And this is actually Carly's in the show, and I love this one open so easy, it's, pleasant, slit, nice and slick, and you open it rainbow keyboard. But what does that say it says, I came instead of Carly. So this was a completely blank one.

And I filled myself in the Carly studio. I printed out a picture, put myself in it and the pair of phones keep falling. So yeah, that's really cool. I changed it to on icam.com. So yeah, that's. My favorite one.

And next is the biggest and uh, we got. This one with a bit pleasant keyboard, we got icarly.com again, um also, actually, I forgot to mention that for the red one. This is from victorious, you know when they do those slap updates. So yeah, um, there was like blank templates of those online.

So yeah, I have this. And as you can see in the bottom, it says, I morph that. And that is from the episode, um, I make Sam earlier. So yeah, if you haven't watched it go watch, if they're, amazing it's on Netflix on paramount, plus if you have it, um, yeah. So let's get on.

To the other stuff. So first we have this. I made this. This is the web award from I actually thought this on the back from the Carly episode. I from the scarlet movie, I go to Japan where they win the web award, um, again, if you haven't watched, if I'm, sorry for spoilers I'm going to be spoiling something.

So if you haven't watched it, if you haven't watched, Carly just go watch it. And as you can see, instead of car I'll, put the best web show your man Cameron because of course, yeah. And next we're. Actually going to get into pear pads now.

So first, this is the first pair pad I ever made. It was like a picture online. I found this picture as Tori from Tories I'm, no before you guy before you guys call me before you guys call me a simp. I am not. Furthermore, I swear on my life.

Furthermore, I am not this is just what was in the picture. So, and if you don't know, what simp means then you're too young next pair pads, actually a fun fact that pair pads actually don't have cameras. I never noticed if you re-watch the show you. Realize that the pair phones are the only ones that have cameras and pear pads don't.

So as you can see it's a little foggy, but it's a victorious page right here. This is kind of like one of the normal sizes of a pair. Next is this giant blue one, which is one of my favorites, because it has screen just like this. One, the blue pair phone. Yeah, very cool.

Check YouTube, yeah. And next. I actually, um, oh, yeah. I forgot this pear pad. And if you guys watch Victoria, you know, this is Robbie's pear pad. And it makes. A few cameos in Carly, and as you can see, if you guys use, if you guys, don't know that Carly actually used to be an actual website, and they actually used to post blogs and I printed one and yeah, um read pause, the video and read it.

If you can, yeah, so, yeah, that's pretty cool. Yeah. So that's done with the pear pads.

And next I actually have, um, I have Sam's remote from Carly, which is one of the coolest things ever. It is actually a rare collector's item toy they're really hard to find now. But I'm. Luckily that I got one, actually, this is actually a replacement because, uh, uh, I had one like two years ago. And then I went on vacation brought it, and I left it at the hotel.

And we left for like, I don't even know we left it for like. We went to like Los Angeles or something. And I left it there in the hotel and never got it back. So I got a replacement one.

So yeah, that's really cool, um on and off switch on the back. You have applause. You have the boo you have random dancing. And next you have sound. Bites which is different sounds.

So yeah, so that's cool. I curly remote says, I curly on top and next we're actually going to get into the one that I made it's made out of paper, right? 3D, really cool. And as this is actually another one this actually something I found online on Google, where it was, I looked up Carly Sam's remote. And I found this. It was like a make your own one out of paper.

So I did it and that's 3d, it's, awesome. And as you can see from the front it's, actually a replica of the second. Sam's remote toy like this is the first one there's, a second one, which I'm going to show you a picture of right now, yeah. So as you can see, it has all the buttons on the second toy.

And on the back, it says, Carly with this. This actually was on the picture like the Carly, but I redid the logo for this right here. So yeah, that's awesome. And I also have this camera that I made it says, 4k. And as a little thing you open it, it says, Carly has that right there.

So that's, pretty cool. I think that's one of. My favorite things that I made, I actually made a cardboard replica of Freddy's camera, which I'm going to post on my Instagram. So make sure to check that out and comment down all the things that I said to comment down.

So you know, so, yeah, that is the end of my video. Um, I will see you guys in the next one peace, say, awesome. And also, um, I am going to try I'm it's not certain, but I'm going to try to upload every Friday and Saturday.

If I can't, then I'll try to upload as soon as possible. Okay, bye. Peace. Stay. Awesome.