Northsails - Gennaker And Snuffer Instructions Video

Normally your new Monica is preloaded in the snuffer when you receive it, but it's important to know how to install your gender in the snuffer first you'll need to find a flat and fairly large area, preferably a lawn with a soft grass surface, find a solid place to tie the head up to there could be some package straps on the snuffer to be removed in the snuffer unscrew, the shackle and connected to the Monica top ring, stretch out the Monica, keeping the luff and leech parallel. And then take hold of. The line connected to the snuffer. You are now ready to install the Monica and the snuffer by pulling on the line to the funnel. You are now placing the Jenna key inside the snuffer, the funnel normally moves past the clew and fully stretched ends above the tack, remember to let the line attached to the clew come out of the funnel as this is where you attach your sheets to then you can pack the gender in the bag when you pack, it keeps the tack and the clew line separated to either side, the top ring.

Of the snuffer is attached to the Velcro strap on the top of the bag, and then the bag can be closed. The gender is ready to be used if you know, which tack you want to use the gender on, you can place the bag on deck before going out to see the bag should be placed between the mast and the four-state and attached to the lifelines open your sail bag and pull out the tack corner. Take the line from the cockpit forward to the bow attach a block and run the line through the block above the lifelines. To the tack of the Monica, remember to run it outside the generous sheet tie the line onto the tack ring with a bowline, then attach your sheets to the clue line and bring them back to where your Monica blocks are remembered to feed the line from the outside of the lifeline to the block, then tie a slipknot at the block to prevent the line from falling into the water. The wind would sheet goes forward of the force day close the sale bag to prevent the tack line fouling up at the bow pulpit tie, a. Rope or a sail tie between the two parts of the pulpit to close, the opening, keep the tack line forward and on top of the tie, the Monica is now ready to be set.

You can handle the Monica in the snuffer with just two people working together when you decide to set the Monica bear off to a running course, role in the Genoa bring the spinnaker halyard forward to the sail bag, be careful to lead it on the outside of the generous sheet, open the bag, release the snuffer top ring from the Velcro strap and. Attach the halyard release the clew line from the bag. And the genre key is ready to hoist use the tack line to pull the tack out of the bag towards the bow then hoist, the snuffer, all the way to the top pull the line that lifts the funnel pull the sheet.

And the Monica is flying attach the control lines from the snuffer to the center of the deck. They help to prevent the Monica from wrapping around the four stay. Now you can enjoy fast and enjoyable downward. Sailing. Your North. EZ Monica is made to. Cover a wide range of downwind sailing by easing off the tack line, the Monica lifts and flies to windward.

So you can sail deeper downwind by pulling it closer to the bow. You can turn it into an effective reaching sail by stretching the luff and thereby opening the leech jiving with the Monica needs some exercise. But when you get it right, it's, an easy maneuver when you're getting ready to jibe it's important to keep the Monica flying full check your windward sheet, it's important that it sits on. The top of the webbing sheet holder on the luff pull your Mane into the center ready for the jibe. Then you start bearing up release the leeward sheet, completely it's significant that it runs freely, jibe, the mane and start pulling in the newly wood sheet, it's important that the Monica clew flies, well forward to clear its own love. And that the new sheet is pulled in as fast as possible. Try it for the first time in moderate wind conditions.

So there is enough wind pressure on the Monica to make it. Stable dousing the Monica when you want to go upwind, or if there is more wind than you like it's, very easy. First, you release the control lines on the foredeck be sure that the lines are on the right side of the for stay look up to see if the lines are running direct down from the snuffer start pulling the funnel down choking the Monica at the same time, ease off the sheet when the snuff a funnel is all the way down release the halyard and lower the Monica down to the deck check, the halyard first. For kinks.

So it runs freely through the blocks 'is, the tack line and stow the Monica in the sail bag. Remove the halyard attach the corners of the Monica to the bag and close the bag tighten up your tag line and sheets. And now you're ready to unfurl the Genoa and continue sailing close. The gap on the bow pulpit to prevent the tack line from catching the pulpit tie. The control line from the snuffer to the boat, preferably to the center of the foredeck this way, the line helps prevent the Monica from. Turning around the force day, and it's ready for use remember to place the windward sheet on top of the sheet, holder, the sheet holder prevents the sheet from falling down in front of the boat, thus making it difficult to jibe the Monica sheet in the main before jiving, the Monica, especially with a short-handed crew as it makes it easier to handle the Monica sheets.

The main can this way jibe by itself release the leeward sheet, completely it's important that it runs freely. And that the new sheet is. Pulled in as fast as possible, the adjustable tack line can be used to ease the tack when you are running deep to get the Monica flying to windward and tightening the tack down when reaching the tack should also be tightened before jiving to make it easier.