Nba 2K22 Kevin Durant Build - 91 Badge Upgrade Playmaking 3-Level Scorer

What's the deal YouTube, you already know this man, it's, your boy Cisco. Now, listen, all right, if you ain't been around, we streamed earlier today, we are in that mod player builder on 2k22 next gen earlier today. And I dropped the video detailing. Everything about the NBA 2k 22, my player builder that you need to know before you make your build. So make sure you go watch that video if you haven't before you even jump into this builder and try to make something because you will mess up what's going on. Okay now what you see behind me, right, this is the Kevin Durant build that I created in the builder. And what I did was I went and took his attributes.

I looked at some of his attributes from how NBA 2k made him. And I tried to get it as close as possible as I could into the player builder. Some badges are a little different based on how I feel like the Kevin Durant build should be used in NBA 2k 22. But as you see, it looked pretty good man, it looked pretty good. So you know, I'm saying, Let's, go ahead and get right into it. If you're new here hit that like button on the video drop a sub on the channel greatly. Appreciate it.

The Kevin Durant build power forward, right? Handed jersey number seven. Okay. We ain't got the face creations yet, I don't know, what's going on with face creations, but all the faces is different in next gen. They finally gave us new faces. So we can't use the old face creations.

We have to wait for those face creation gods to go ahead and make them for us. Okay? So. Listen we're going six nine. We are going minimum weight, 69 minimum weight.

And the wingspan we are going with the seven three wingspan all right. And we're going slight body frame. Now we've been seeing the bills on Twitter that's been doing this. So you all make sure you all don't do this.

And that is neglect your physicals. Okay. So we're going to go ahead and put this up right here. We're going to max this out we're going to max out the acceleration. You need 80 vertical to get, uh, the dunk packages. And then stamina. We're going to put this at a 90.

Now, real quick you do not in next gen. You do not get plus 4 to your attributes from 95 to 99. We cannot lose 99 overall in next gen. So when you're in the builder, it automatically gives you to max your build out and what you will see it at 99 overall. The only thing you get plus 4 on is your physicals when you get the gym rat badge, okay. So remember that you do not get plus four on your attributes. You get plus four on your physicals with the gym rat bag.

So when we. Look at this, Kevin Durant build when I get him to 99, you'll have an 80 speed, a 77, acceleration, 84 vertical and a 94 stamina all right now let's get into the attributes and what we need right we're going to put this close shot at an 86. Like I said, I looked at some of Kevin Durant's, uh attributes. And I tried to get as close as possible, just to kind of see what we can do into this builder because it's new it's, not like the 2k21 nation builder. So don't think it is all right. Driving dunk is a 90. We.

Got 84, I mean, driverless is a 90. We got 84 on the driving dunk. You require 84 to get the pro contact, dunk, stand and dunk we're going to 60. Post control we're going to 75. Okay.

I had to write this down. This was just very, very detailed mid-range. We maxed this out at 86. Three-point shot.

We went on ahead and maxed this out at 81. We did not give him a free, throw because this is a park, build I'm going to show you all what to do with free throw if you want to take this into the wreck or a pro-am, but right. Now this is a park build. So I didn't give him free, though we put our pass accuracy up to 86.

We got gold bullet passer. We got ball handle. Furthermore, we maxed that out at 77.

And we also maxed out speed with ball at 69. All right now we go interior defense. We did interior at a 70. We did perimeter defense 83. Furthermore, we put the steel at a 60 81 on the block. And then we got 79 defensive rebounds, which gave us 49 offense rebounds.

And as you see, our strength went up to a 51, and then you can just take this last point and. Kind of you know, fiddle it out put it wherever you want to put it at to get the 99 overall 26 post control if you want to and then drop a free, throw for 99 right now. This is where it gets interesting. These are the takeovers. These are takeovers.

I could have got for Kevin Durant. But the fact that we get shot credit and take over is the perfect. Kevin Durant, build limitless range as the secondary takeover. And we have ourselves a play-making three-level score shades of Kevin Durant, Jayson, Tatum and.

Pascal Cisco now I don't, really the shades of has never necessarily always been right in 2k. But the fact that we got Kevin Durant. We on the right path. Now, I'm going to test this bill real quick because I'm going to show you how I would use these badges. If I was building it. So we have 26 finishing badges available.

So we don't get posterize silver. And remember it like I said, if you watch the video, you know, but if you haven't watched the video earlier, the badge counts are different like you still only. Pay you pay one, uh, badge point sometimes for bronze sometimes you pay two like posterize is two, but you'll pay three for silver. Sometimes you pay two. But then when you get to gold, you can pay four, I think it's like four to six to go node. You got a couple threes. Okay.

So three to six to go it. All just depends on man. The badge count is different. And you have to look at that when you make these bills, but like I said, I had a video that I dropped earlier today that tells you everything you need to know. About them so we'll, go slithery then we'll go. I like fearless finisher, gold, uh, where else what am I missing? Oh, I like limitless, takeoff, gold for sure, uh, unstoppable hall of fame.

And then we probably can go put back boss on silver. And that leaves us with one. I mean, you could go pro touch with Kevin Durant, uh, you can go post, spin technician, but he's more of a post fader rather than a post, spin type of guy.

You do have the time, uh, Hula-Hoop. So maybe you know bronze lob city, finisher, wouldn't, be bad. Or bronze acrobat wouldn't be bad. So either way you can't go wrong with either or going to the shooting. We got 26 available points.

We got to go blinders. I go silver corner specialist for the fact that Katie is not necessarily always in the corner. But if you are in the corner, then you can go gold, uh, catch and shoot is only silver dead.

Eye is silver, but that's. Okay, because you got gold hot zone hunter. We can go green machine, wasn't that good in 2k 21 next gen.

So we may not need green machine, but. You got limitless spot up, uh, difficult shots for sure in that mid-range, and it's up to you. If you want to go, go difficult shots, because if you do that cost you four, so you probably could go difficult shots and then maybe silver green machine. If you want to use clutch shooter, you can, I've never used it.

This sniper badge is interesting because it's, basically the opposite of flexible release. So if you get slightly earlier slightly late timing you'll receive a boost, I don't really like that. Because that means more white to go in, um, and you can also, uh, use stop and pop on Kevin Durant, too as well.

So that ups to you, how you know want to do the badges like that play making we got 22. So bronze bailout is really all you would need on this. We go silver unplug gable, um, silver. Quick, first, step, silver handle for days.

We got 12 left. Go bullet. Pass you require it, uh, gold, triple threat, June, because I feel like that triple threat badge is going to be deadly. And then you probably can either go.

Since tight, handles, doesn't, really work on, you know, park anymore. I like the silver tight, handles, and I'm going tight handles because we don't have quick chain. And we don't have hyperdrive. He is a six nine power forward. So those badges may not you may not be able to get them as a 69 power, four, which actually kind of keeps this build the builder, a little balanced. Now we got 18 defensive badges. And you have to be mindful where you put these at, so I'm going to go clamps interceptor.

But we got 12 left. Rim protector give me intimidate. We got gold left. I mean, four left I like the silver chase down. And then from there, I ain't going to lie you all what's up, you all you all can go Pogo stick. Uh. I wouldn't say, pig, dodger, probably wouldn't be garden ball as much.

Um, you can go bronze menace. If you want to don't really need rebound, chaser for real you'll, be all right? But let's just say we go.

Go bronze Pogo stick and maybe bronze pickpocket. I feel like we can be. I feel like we can be. Uh.

We can be okay with. That right there that bronze now, if you want a free, throw in the Kevin Durant, build it's, not a drastic change of what you'll get you see the free throw. We ended up pushing a free, throw up to 87. The only thing we did was drop the close shot down one to 86., uh, we dropped it. Uh, post, control down just a little.

We took away perimeter defense. We made it to 80, but you still got silver clamps. And we took away some on the strength, and we gave him an 87 free, throw you still get the same takeovers. Pull up precision, limitless range. And he still turns out to be a play-making three-level score, and he still has shades of Kevin Durant.

So if you enjoyed the video man, make sure you like it sub up to the channel, if you're new, and I'll see you all in my next one.