Mit Graduate Admissions For International Students

Welcome to another video for global scholarships for international students. And today, this is, this will be the last video for MIT. And this last video for MIT will be for applying for MIT graduate school for international students when applying for graduate school, we're going to go to MIT graduate school homepage, what applies to masters and PhDs. And you have to keep in mind that there are different websites dedicated for different majors in graduate school and applies the same for MIT we're going to. Go through the graduate application process, and when we're going through the process, we're also going to be looking at deadlines and other minor details for graduate applications as an international student. Okay, let's go online and begin our application process. Okay, we're on online and or I already searched for a pun for MIT graduate school, and we're just going to the website.

And after that, it is proven that every department has a different online application requirements and deadlines as it is. Sitting right here, and it has 46 Department programs right down here. You can see all the requirements and other timetables for general graduate applications and let's just go into the application process. So I'm just going to choose one of the programs and follow through it. So I'm just going to choose biological engineering.

And as you can see, it has the application link right here on application opening date and deadline steroid testing is required and additional requirements for international. Students, and as you can see here, um applying for one of the programs applies both to masters and PhD online requirements' application requirements, right here. And the areas research down here.

Ok, the Masters. This has a special instruction. The master's degree in biomedical engineering is available to MIT undergraduate only so let's get into the application process. Oh, just going to click apply here. And if you didn't create an account, you need to create an account I'm just going to log in.

And after. Logging in you have to say, pay, $75, admissions application fee and I, don't know if you can get it waived or not, but I would definitely check that out because I wouldn't want to be paying $75 for applying. Um. It has the application information letters of recommendation.

If you click on one, it has all the information that you need to fill out. So one of the most important things for a graduate application statement of objective on. What are you going to do? How are you going to approach it? And why are.

You interested basic stuff, but is very significant. So you need to consider how you should fill out the statement of objectives. And after filling out all of this information, you need to click submit application. And then if you fill out all of this information, right here, a submit button will pop, and you just click on it and pay your admission fee. If it's can't be waived, and you have to pay it if you can be good for, you that's, very good news and that's it as you can see, um different application.

For different majors. So keep that in mind and remember that graduate school applies both to masters and PhD programs. So I would strongly recommend taking one of applying for graduate school after you have completed your undergraduate, okay, I hope. This helps, and I'll see you in the next video.

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