Irac For Law School Essays And Exams

Writing your law essays and problem questions. There are several methods of organizing your answers to law questions. We'll, be briefly, looking at Iraq. Iraq is a framework used for organizing your answer to law essay questions, your examiner expects this structured framework, which simply allows your ideas on a particular case topic to flow in an organized way and make your point make sense when writing an essay using the Iraq method, your organized answer will first outline the issue.

Then it will. Move on to relevant cases or authority that supports the issue or the point that you want to bring across. Then there would be analysis or application of these relevant cases versus the history that you're dealing with.

And then there would be a concluded issue state, the legal issue for issues to be discussed rule state, the relevant statutes and case, law application, apply the relevant rules to the facts that created the issue conclusion state, the most likely conclusions using the logic of the. Application section you.