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Hi and welcome to ingredients allege with me, Rosie Burnett for BBC, good food in this episode I'm going to be cooking with basmati rice, I've got some ginger some leftover chili red and green two spring onions, a clove of garlic sort of half to three quarts of cauliflower. Nice, big, courgette, a cup of frozen peas. This is mint salt, obviously, really important curry powder, cardamom turmeric, chili flakes and sesame seeds and soy sauce. So I'll show you what you need to make it I've got a red chili here. Finely chopped with a little knob of ginger as well that I peeled with a teaspoon and then chopped some vegetable oil or grapeseed oil, some sesame seeds, soy sauce and chili flakes and a clove of garlic, which we're just going to chop finely quite finely chop this that's about right. And then just add that into the bowl ginger and chili.

Okay. So I've put about four tablespoons of the vegetable oil into a pan and I haven't turned the heat on I've, put the ginger chili and garlic in. And now I'm just. Going to turn the heat on very gently and bring it all up together quite gently.

And this is going to take just a few minutes. And what you want to do is have a spatula ready just to stir this stuff into the oil and that's, the chili oil there and see the lovely bit. Now we just want to boil our frozen peas. They don't only literally take a second just got another great sheet, right here, because we don't want to overcrowd because the key to getting nice caramelized. Crispy, veg is to space them out. So they've.

Got room you're, just going to drizzle over a little of vegetable oil or rapeseed oil, olive oil, whatever you've got coconut. Oil works really well as well just enough to coat and then season with a great pinch of salt and some I'm using some curry powder here gram masala works really well or your favorite curry powder that you might have, maybe you've made your own, but yeah, just coat everything in the curry powder and the oil and salt. These are going into a hot oven. So 180 fan for about 25.

Minutes 20 to 25 minutes after that time, they should have some pleasant caramelization in those costs and some perfect nutty flavors. So you need a knob of butter, and you're just going to put that in your pan over a medium heat, and I'm gonna pop in a few cloves of green cardamom as well and Ivan pinches, the teaspoon of turmeric. Okay. So going in with 300 grams of boiling water, lovely and then scrape any that might be stuck to the bottom off and scrape down the sides. And then what you want to do is. Turn down your Heat, so really low heat I'm going to put it on about two, and then we're going to put the lid on and just cook that on a really low heat without stirring it for about seven minutes, it's been seven minutes. And our rice is ready.

So I've turned off the heat. And what I'm going to do now is just take the lid off hope. You see how lovely they are looking, and you just want to grab a clean tea towel and pop it over your pan like that, and then replace the lid. And what that's going to do is help. The rice to absorb all of that, steam and get a lovely and fluffy and move it off the heat as well and just leave it to sit somewhere for about ten to fifteen minutes, wait you get everything else. Ready? It's been about 25 minutes as well.

And the roasted cauliflower is looking onion. Spring, onion, chili. Oil, make sure once it's in the fridge always delicious, my cooked, frozen peas, which are going straight in good squeeze of lemon juice for some extra freshness as well, and then I'm going to stir through. Spoonful of my chili oil flavors. This is smelling absolutely delicious. Gorgeous, roasted curried. And this would be great with a poached egg or with a boiled egg, kedgeree style, some fish some smoked fish or some tender fish.

This would work really well to drizzle over a little of extra chili there's, not going to be much left after this. But what is little heat in the fridge, absolutely incredible and that's it of beautiful, golden tablet, rice with peas, roasted cauliflower, homemade chili oil. It's an absolute better, I hope, you've enjoyed this recipe, and I'll be back soon.

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