How To Create Vicibox/Vicidial Usb Installation Disk? | Quick Tutorial Guide |

Hello guys, welcome back to our Channel, give the solutions. So today, I'm going to show you, how can you make your own USB, bootable, VCL disk. So I have got a lot of questions from you guys a lot of names from the subscribers as well and a lot of comments from you guys that how can we make our USB bootable digital disk? So today, I am going to show you that procedure, it's very simple.

So first we need, we feed our I/o. So, so just Google a box. Sorry, this is so download.

So here is the website I will mention. This website in the description box below so here's, the VC box installation disk. If we click here and the ISO file will download it's rough around 850 or 900 MB of size. So I have already downloaded it. And the next thing which we require is the software through which we will make the USB bootable Drive. So the software name is Lucas. Are you FM?

This it's, a totally free software, it's, the open source software. This is the website I will also provide the link in the description box below. So here. You can see it's the website. Now we need to download this software. So here is Rufus, 3.8, 1.1 in B I need to download this software so deplete here.

So the download that just started it's a very small software around one MDF size holder. And now we need to install it install the software. Yes and it's a portable, software, not really not installed. So we just need to select the ISO file. Now so I have already installed inserted.

My Hopi beeping right. I recommend you to use a 4 GB pen drive at least it can. Be USB, 2.0 and USB, 3.0, USB, 3 1 row, it's much better, because it will provide much faster speed, so I'm using a UC 4 point used between two open drive with a 4 GB size. You just need to select the ISO file from your select the ISO file, which I have already downloaded it open and just eat the partition scheme as India.

Just the way it is target system BIOS and are you EF I and the volume level you can change if it's just renaming. The USB 5, USB Drive and just keep the way it is better to hose United. Pipes, everything keep as not change anything. And now you need to just start writing ISO image mode, ok, it's just prompting you that the, or if your pen drive is having any details and all everything will be cleaned out everything will be described and it. And the ISO file will be written as a bootable image file.

Ok. And now it is starting to make USB bootable pen drive. So it will take some time around 4 to 5 minutes, and it will do its thing. It will take some time. So here you can see the bar is totally. Complete it's screened, and it says, it's, ready. So you're bootable pen drive is basically ready here.

We go here's, the installation name. And the bootable pen drive is totally ready. So now you can use your pen drive in your server or your desktop PC, where you want to install. Thank you for watching our video. If you face any difficulties regarding this tutorial video regarding making your own bootable pen drive, please write in the comments section.

What problem are you facing and do write back to us in emails. Or contact us in sky. Thank you for watching our videos.