Gs 2006/10 - Mod-Special

So that's, what hunting looks cool in two respects because that's, not just the name of this graphic 2 mod, But also the name of the city we're walking around in here. There's, a lot going on., A, total of around 100 computer-controlled citizens populate this new area, many of whom give us new quests and send us, for example, to the wolf hunt, But wolves are not necessarily evil, We are complaining here, namely, our own, who stands by us, the orders in which the actors consist, but not only of beating. Up dumb monsters, here, we have to lure, for example, three axes to an even more nasty monster. So that they flatten each other, because the dinosaurs are much faster than us, We took a speed potion beforehand, So we are fast enough to be bold as living people. By the way, Jr sportsman also has a speed magic and winds up the video at this point a bit ahead.

So there ahead is the monster, but the monster WI, there is probably also a speed magic that flattens the lizards faster than we can see how we. Still defeated the game because they don't show that at all, but they don't follow the sayings. You probably know them, right.

They are from good 2004. But this looks yes. Everything pretty much according to real-time strategy from what is it, but I'm based on with 2004, the number or not with what it collects raw materials and drive tanks the whole thing still suffers from a few teething troubles. So definitely a first look battlefield, players know that just fine the flag family. And already there is no.

Supporter with replacement claims to be found far and wide in clusters metal, that's, no longer a problem because you can find ammunition and health insurance here and there for notorious loners, yes, but more in the training gas that is otherwise only in special forces. But on this mod also, USA come with all sorts of weapons that you first have to unlock in the normal game or sell via e-tron or booster. Flashbacks are, of course also a must , yes and climb Hagen. Of course, there is a new game mode.

Here, too, A team has to defuse two bombs under time pressure that other gotta guard them. Admittedly, it's, a little weird, defusing bombs by blowing them up with c4 well, but it's fun.