Free Clean, Simple And Cinematic Looking Title Template (Mogrt) - 3 Styles - For Adobe Premiere Pro

This video is brought to you by Squarespace hello and thanks for watching story shim. I hope you all are doing well in one of my more recent videos, I showed you how to make some simple cinematic-looking titles in premiere pro in the comments of that video. A lot of viewers asked me to make a template for the cinematic, looking titles and that's exactly what I did. I've made you a highly adjustable template inside Adobe After Effects. And this template can also be used inside premiere pro.

You are now. Looking at some of the variations that I made with this same template as you can see, it does have a gradient background, but you can also turn this off and use this on your own footage. In this video I'm going to show you how to download the files for free, how to import them inside premiere and also how to adjust them.

And if you want to skip forward, you can find timestamps for each part in the video description, if you follow the download link in the description, you will get to a page that looks. Like this, you can just click on buy now. And in the next screen you need to enter your email address to receive the download link. You also need to select your country, accept the terms and conditions and click continue after that.

You should directly receive the download link in your mailbox, check your spam folder. If you haven't received anything in a few minutes, once you have downloaded the preset you first need to unzip or extract the files on a Windows 10 pc. You can do this by right-clicking on. The zipped file and select extract all then select the folder that you would like to use to extract the files and click extract.

And after that, you can head over to premiere to import the presets inside premiere. We need to go to the essential graphics panel and then go to the browse tab in case. You can't find the essential graphics panel you might need to activate it.

First here in the window menu, make sure you've got. It enabled like this back into the essential graphics, panel you need to move all. The way to the right bottom corner and click this plus icon here to import the preset, this will open up an explorer window where you can search for the motion, graphic template file, select the file that you would like to import and then click on open in the essential graphics, panel you will now find this cinematic titles item. But if you can't find it, you can also use the search function on top.

And there you have it if you want to use this template, you can simply drag it over to the timeline. This. Template is made on a 4k resolution. So if you drag this over to a 1080p timeline, you might get this message.

You can ignore this message for now and then click on keep existing settings. But if I now select the template on the timeline, you can see that it's zoomed in all the way and that's, because we use another resolution and to fix that we need to zoom out or scale out inside the effects control panel. Next.

I will quickly show you how to change the titles in the essential graphics panel in the. Edit tab, you will find all the controls that you need. And to start off here on top. You've got the option to switch between the different animation styles. Instead of using the slider, you need to type 1 2 or 3 here. If you use the slider, instead, you won't see anything unless you're exactly on the number next. We've got the option to turn the subtitle on or off.

And I think that speaks for itself. And then we've got some background options here you can turn this on or off. And you can also change the.

Colors of the gradient. And by the way, if you turn off the background, the titles are transparent, and you can put this on your own footage. Next we've got some text positioning options.

If you use the two sliders on top, you can change the position of the main text there's, a separate slider for left and right and one for top and bottom. And you probably already guessed it. The two sliders on the bottom are for the subtext. Okay for now let's close the position and background options and then move over. To the text editing options for every single animation style.

We've also got a separate text field. I've got the first animation style selected. So we need to edit the text number one in this text field, you can edit the text. And if you like, you can also change the font by default, the Navico font is selected. You can activate this font for free on adobe fonts.

If you have an active subscription, but of course, you can also pick one of your own phones. And besides that you can also change the weight of. The font and also change the size with this slider and the same applies to the subtext. You can also change the text here in this text field change the fonts. If you like change the weight and also change the size with the slider, okay, let's close this section for now and then move over to the last one.

And that is the color options in here. You can change the color for the main text. And also the subtext you can just use the color picker and choose a color to make it as ugly as you like in the final. Part I'm going to show you how to change the duration of the template. And this is very simple, both the intro and outro animations are fixed. So this means that these parts cannot be changed. And that if you extend the template on the timeline, the outro animation will still look the same.

So this way you only extend the duration between the intro and outro part. And of course, the same will happen. If you shorten the clip, the intro and outro will stay the same and that's.

All I had to share with you. About my free motion graphic template. But before I go, I want to thank Squarespace for making it possible to offer you these free titles. If you want to build your own website or web store, then definitely check out Squarespace.

I've used them for more than two years now. And I can confirm that it's easy to start with their award-winning templates. Even if you don't have any experience with web design and their templates are built in such a way that it will look great on any device like your pc tablet. Or smartphone use the link, squarespace.com tourism to get the free trial or 10 discount on your first purchase, the links can be found in the video description, and that also concludes this tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it.

And if you want to see more, then maybe check out one of these two videos, and as always thanks a lot for watching, and I hope you have a wonderful day you.