First Sentence Book Challenge Feat. Mary

Hello, everyone I'm Natasha. And today, I'm with my friend Mary. Hello. Everyone Mary's over at my house sees my bookshelf Mary Ross point that I have to get through the first sentence I've done the random sentence challenge, what first sentence a little different we're eating to give each other.

Ten bucks, if you give it on the first sentence, it's, three points. And then you drop a point every sentence that you have to read after it. And in the fourth sentence is a half substantial 30 points, oh I have my.

Blue eye mask, my bra mask. We both like glitter on our eyes and I want to get it. It did not melt a great time.

Ha, I'm going to go first, because you hear me in one section of your room, doesn't mean that I'm getting it from because, I'm good at hiding secrets. You know how? Well I really look like an alien right now. Marry her me. First, . There was a boy in her room. Johnson, oh, oh.

Girl. I. Forget. You can't say, the name though next time, I'll, blink opening two points. We got ready first book. First I meant.

Ready Mary and I stare down at my shoes, watching as a fine layer of ash settled on the warm leather what's. The pitch, this is looking good. Oh my gosh. It is a district 13. Oh, yeah.

Okay. Second book. They were not gentle red rising, no Golden, Sun Morningstar. And why should they be that's about what the dark is mine? No I, don't know, all the books I've read. Okay, going next one after all, they did not expect her to live past the morning.

Oh, man. Second book, the thing about lying to your parents is you have to. Do it to protect them?

Yes, I. Am I finding Audrey, nope, it's for their own good. Thanks sis. Please, nope. Divorce and I mean, take my own parents horse sentence. Oh boy, okay, if they knew the unvarnished truth about my finances love like plumbing council tax, they'd have instant heart attack to Dr. McCoy. Yes.

Twenty scroll okay, read it third, but would it kill you to get here before noon? Oh man, I know, this. Okay, next one I'm sitting here among the shores of my life as I know it and you if I know you just. Woke out the dark is money. No dumpling Corazn de Rosa's, Mr. foster contemporary yeah, attachment. What oh my god standing on the edge of a crowded road I looked down onto the rolling fields and abandoned farm of blank Valley and got my first glimpse of the lake, but are these people's names, a blank out in other places is this Outlander. Nope.

My regiment was two weeks march from the military encampment, full of Maya I just read that this is shadow. And oh, yeah, I've never read it before that was it. Worth three horseback I'm, waiting for red rising or something you don't even know the force on me, but I won't know if I can get it here's. This 1/4 bike I ride into darkness away from the garden. They watered with the blood of my friend Morningstar, oh man, I didn't like God me in the heart. This is the fourth vote for Mary I, ran my fingers across the page feeling of dent where he had pressed the pen to the paper so hard that had nearly broken for a puckered print.

No necklace. No I could picture him. Writing this sprawling, the angry letters in his rough handwriting, lashing for line after line.

When the words came out wrong, maybe even snapping the pen in his two big hands that would explain the ink water in a while for you probably because yesterday you go right? I, get me all the feels I want him to watch. Okay. He gets there peewee daughters, test buck possibly I'd always been broken and dark inside Allegiance, no I own that one good.

And you own that one, oh I, don't know, possibly someone who's been born. Whole and good would have put down Ash down your grace duck, rather than what waiting for me ash dagger. What is that? I know it according to Theory Y? Ha, ha, ha, ha. Look.

My right is today a good day to die? I know that this is, uh, no don't. Go on. You know, uh-huh, why can't anything anemia are changing in the name there's, a little ball, right in all different places that don't tell me where you got it I've taken it that I don't actually have the book I'm holding up Lydia - ha, ha, ha, my Facebook, six, but I. Felt her fear before and heard her screaming, she's literally feeling this year, the rising the dagger me.

Okay. Next sentence. Her nightmare posting to me shaking me out of my own game, which had something to do with a beach shin sen, hi Robbie. Oh, my god blood, ramen. Vampire I, can't, Oh, see if you can get this one, six books I would have lived in peace. But my enemies brought me more it's. The red lightning, yes.

Okay. Ha, perspective, really, really, really ready for the second one, no dry wine amber, no Outlander. John's bottom so Boyer, nope. Okay. My lender and all I need to get perspective. Are you kidding?

Me hi read this no start second it's, not an earthquake or a crazed gunman or nuclear meltdown, is it? This wave know what turn number one now wait hold on I can do it on a scale of disasters. This is not huge. Oh my gosh, bender, I mean, the scarlet, um, I'll, look back at this winter and laughs I think haha how silly I was too worried. Are you just reading milk they're, not getting it?

What is if it's? Actually. Fairly reasonable myself I've got your number. Oh, bugger sevens book.

My eyes snapped open as the freakish Sixth Sense kicked my fight-or-flight response into overdrive is the gyroscope physically, no, the Georgia humidity and the dust covering the floors made it hard to breathe, beautiful creatures. You know, in Georgia I read in Campinas since I've, led Miami, no plates have been safe Marian. No, this abandoned factory have proved. No difference. I can't, believe, I. Let you go to the same point here.

They're kind of tricky, the demons were here. What are you going to give up no? Why not I'm not a good mother, Miami and Georgia? What there's no city of anything I'm trying to take a series I've read?

Okay? What is it half-blood by dear fellow, almond trout, yeah, she's in Miami and covenant, and I've read the prequel and I know all this? Oh my gosh. Okay. Okay.

Are you still mad? Yes, that feels like City of Bones city of ashes city of glass city of heavenly fire city of Lhasa. Any other yellow thick wall, an. Ancient name them all you have to know it am I on the right track. We searched - your eyes - no no, but I know that one I know, first she said with city phones and that's, a no Lydia, fallen angel stadium. Five, three family, fire.

Nobody fashion. You fail. Man, you could put him with one MIDI event, oh, but I kind of got it. So can I get like a point that was the first sentence. Mr. quest. Oh, thank you very much. Ace book aliens are stupid very say, something I know, I've read this.

Ah, - no word it's, not obsidian. Oh, it's, not that serious no I'm not talking about real aliens, their attendant, the others aren't, stupid, syphilis, yes, finals. Oh, my gosh, that's. A sorry, whining point 9 length goes in the center of the room feeling, surrounded he's Harry Potter.

And he thought the feeling largely justified insofar as he was surrounded by tables coverage with bric-a-brac and mementos. My heavy Victorian style, furniture the clockwork prints, Clockwork, Angel, Hawker, princess, no replete with plush and Afghan by tiny, braided. Rugs that lay on the polished wood, graphically awaiting, an opportunity to skip a mean, unsuspecting foot that's, a mouthful I don't, notice, surrounded by 12 rooms or furniture and clothing and paper and books. My god, the book, miss Peregrine's on sticky, legit, wait, no.

Hold on look I'll. Endure, no, wait here, wait Oh. What am I in the shot can touch it? No, the study where you stood was lying on three sides by bookshelves. Everyone crammed past bursting point.

Harry, Potter, no look, Harry, Potter, no November, 9. So. That what is it song? Ha, sighs gone.

Nice book. Okay, a busy and crowded station, no second full of people trying to go somewhere sure when among the hustle-bustle two large cages, rattle on top - Latin clumsy, crystal, yeah, hahaha. That was good one. And my silence thunders, , silent, thunder, I know, no second ones will just write fat by the way.

My silence, thunders. Okay. Rising I. Stand on the note on the bridge of my starship arm, broken and held in a gel can I on birth.

Still raw on my neck. Golden Sun. Who wrecks that, oh, wait look at that. You guys share the same last name, Oh, the tenth book last books, marry okay, oh, yes.

It really does look just as I imagined link said and turn to smile at the boys who stood beside her. He had just touched her over a puddle and his hands. Still rested politely on her arm, just above the crook of her elbow. These needles are no blank smiled back at her elegant in his dark suit - silver fair hair, whipped by the wind clockwork, Prince, yes, I can see, oh my gosh, Yes, kiss me that was the first sentence challenge with Mary I was fun. It was kind of nice to use my brain. I remember, I think what words I don't, miss around soon I, don't know, it, uh, I knew it I knew like almost all Pierce's books.

Yeah. He did yes, I know that I gave out our one that was really frustrated the Outlander one was difficult, and it's about Roger. So yeah, I forgot about that I was thinking Voyager because it starts off with Mr. Jane. Thank you. All for watching check out Mary in her channel. He loves a lot and post them very late.

Thank you. All for watching we'll, see you all in the future, keep calm and Sandra live. Nope. We don't do that here, Syn anon and China common.

He only had himself to blame if you'd have been there, if you had seen it, how about you, you won't have done the same you you you.