First Impressions On Green Iguanas As Pets

So I, really never wear gloves while handling reptiles, but uh, but my hands are so perfect right now, there's like no cuts, they're just smooth and don't cause me pain every time I test something, so I'm going to keep it that way they're, really not comfortable, and it's going to be really hard to grasp it, but I like my clean. And how are you she's a little rambunctious? Okay, welcome to first impressions on Munich Mona's. This is a series I used to do where I would basically tell you about an animal that I've. Only had for a few months. And what my first few months is them like so here's, the newest installment I.

Guess, this works it's, not what I had plans. But uh, this is a green iguana that we have had for either. We got it either late 2018 or early 2019 given to us by somebody that watches the channel.

They were not the primary care taker or the original caretakers. They got the iguana from someone else that was basically abusing or neglecting it. Furthermore, they fixed him up quite well. He still wasn't quite there. So. We're kind of doing the last little, and then we'll rehome him to the final home.

So we're kind of the third home, and then he'll have a fourth home. Some people don't like the idea of that they say that we should keep him permanently since he's been around with so many places already, and it'll be a bit more stressful. But for one I shouldn't, keep an animal that I'm, not actually really interested in keeping myself, which kind of gives you an idea of maybe what my first impressions have been like. But there are a lot of details that I'll go into. But it also takes up just a ton of space and resources.

This is a pretty large enclosure, and he's still a very small animal, he's going to need something way bigger than this. He also consumes a lot of food and a lot of time. So if we had like unlimited space, I would love to keep him around, but because we can use the space for say, like just the spot could have a shelf with like I, don't know, 10 more geckos or something that we could help out.

So we want to. Kind of keep things moving again, if I was really interested in them, I could get them for myself, but it's, not something I plan on doing it this time. So why is that, and what's the experience been like? Well, right off the bat eat? Well, as you saw I had some trouble getting some kind of the enclosure I'm, not the only one that does that same.

It happens a lot. Okay, he's hard to deal with he's, six foot in there time, Oh, God and admittedly, I have not handled him recently. So I'm sure I made it more.

Uncomfortable for him since he wasn't used to it these past few weeks. So for those of you that don't know, green iguanas are species that are very readily available. I just went to PERCO because I was out of my insects. And it would take you along the order I'm online. And they had green iguanas there now, it's their new animal, 60 bucks per baby iguana.

There were like a dozen of them in a local enclosure, right next to the leopard geckos and all the other little easy animals. So although of course, People should do their own research. A lot of people just to read that label on the thing and that's their care for the next 30 years.

Anyway, it's not really related. So my experiences with this animal, well, as expected reanalyze are not super simple, they're, not the most tame just right off the bat like they love, you know, they're not like and as simple little ball python or a good leopard gecko that might take a few weeks to adjust now some things that I adore about him. The very this was my very.

First impression, which was a good thing. He doesn't poop or pee on you that is like the worst defense, mechanistic as mechanisms for any animal in the room because I don't like being cooped repeat on. Maybe you can relate I, don't know, but he doesn't. He poops a lot.

You see his bowl right now is like brown because you have to change it out daily because he pooped so much, but he doesn't do it on you and it's so nice. So if he wanted to he should hopefully he's, not listening I don't think he understands. Me if he pooped on me, I would not be handling them as comfortably as I am or letting him in my nest of a head, but because he's, not like a Savannah Monitor. He doesn't do that he just tail whips and scratches and hisses.

He doesn't even bite actually, so green iguanas gets huge, including their tail. They can get like 6 plus feet as adults. And they grow pretty quickly. He was underweight when he got him, he's still underweight. And he eats so much food.

He is always consuming food, I learned it's a.A bit harder to get weight up on an animal that is completely our bitterest because say, a leopard gecko like we have some underweight leopard geckos right now that we got in there very easy to do with usually we feed them. Dubai roaches, just give them some super worms and wax worms and horn worms or whatever else. And they gain weight superfast. He just mixes in with the dubious their tail gets thicker, and then you're good to go just whack some Wayne them, Wayne them off wax them off. And then slowly.

Take them off of those fatter insects, and then they're all good iguanas on the other hand, that's, not as easy, because although there are things with more calories like fruit or whatever you don't want to just completely sugar them up and give them diabetes. But thankfully, he's on his way, and hopefully he'll be available very soon, just rip the band-aid off get it over with get him to that next home that can actually really work with them, super close. One on one and get him used to them because. Unfortunately, based on what I've been told, even if an iguana gets used to you, it, doesn't mean, they're used to people because they know who you are. So yeah, attitude. Wise he's, pretty much fine in the room.

Now he doesn't freak out every time you walk in I, honestly, don't, even remember he's in here because he's just so quiet now, because he used to like when you come in, he would be hissing and jumping and freaking out. But now it's chill, which is nice to see until you open it up and want to work with. Him, but even then put just putting food in his bowl he'll kind of go to the back of the enclosure, maybe jump around a bit. And then once it's closed he'll start eating after a few minutes, no problem and like even like I said once he's out, he's, he's, not happy right now. But he's, not freaking out he's, not running away.

He just kind of keeps his place and fight see if he needs to which is purely defense because I'm the one that took him out of his home, a bit about the enclosure in between like I said, It's pretty big. This is like a ferret enclosure or something, or I think it's made for like small mammals, it's been working overall. But humidity is just crazy there's plastic all over it right now. It's just like floor, plastic like while you're painting or whatever that wasn't an attempt to keep him more humidity in it's, not really working it. Still gets sprayed all the time like somehow the multiple times a day if he saw that ref Taoism, or you got an idea of that, and it still just dries out. So.

Fast, and this is a pretty humid room there's, a huge bowl in there, he's got his leggy and everything it's all covered in plastic. But that moisture just does not stay in so that's been the biggest difficulty, but other than everything's been going well with them or can--but going consistent with them. So their intelligence is definitely at a whole other level. Because generally you think of reptiles is not the smartest animals on earth. Please see ranking my lizard smartest.

The dumbest I've proved. That, but the iguana is certainly up there, he is crazy aware. He knows what's going on. He knows really about how to communicate with you get across what he wants.

Furthermore, he probably thinks I'm the stupid one because I'm not getting what he's saying when most of the time I am getting it I just have to ignore. It because we have to work with him anyway, like if he starts kissing her tail, whipping or backing away, he's like just stop, and I'll stop - if he knew, but I can't stop because like I have to get my work done his. Claws are by far the strongest in the room. Thankfully I have not felt a bite from him. A bite from an adult iguana can take your thumb off or whatever a bite from him. Would probably I guess tear it pretty well, but nothing that would need like medical assistance, I don't think, but either way he does not try to bite. He just scratches which isn't even a defense mechanism it's just M call I mean, because like five minutes of handling like I said, I'm wearing gloves this time, but five minutes of handling.

Usually your hands just look crazy like you went through a Brian patch or something, and it feels pretty good on my head I'm, not going to lie it's kind of like a head, scratch just a little sharper that's like acupuncture and mice out. So the future for this guy would be pretty interesting I'm, trying to think what my impressions would be if he stayed like this the entire time like he stayed this size basically, and that would be pretty different I. Still wouldn't be too keen on keeping this one myself.

Right now it's, just not in the right place or time. I, don't have enough passion about iguanas at the moment. But if he were like barely sized forever, it'd be a little different, just knowing what he's going to become is crazy and that's. One of the reasons it's so important to stay consistent with working with them. Because if you like to slip up and start forgetting and like I have they're going to be seven feet, and they're going to want to kill you if you don't take advantage for every moment, you can to. Really work with them, you're, probably going to regret it. So that's, why we're trying to work quickly with this dude, without just like completely power feeding and boring them, too point of like exploding do I regret at all taking this animal, well, no because we're helping it.

But what if I had like bought this for myself, and I was keeping him full-time, and I think that would be super exciting in a way, knowing that you'll get to grow up together and see him change, and he'll really get used to you if. Worked with properly. And if he's works back with you because it's more of a mutual thing with iguanas like a lot of common just easier lizards or animals, it's all up to you, but it's a little up to him when it comes to actually forming a relationship with the animal.

So yeah, diet. Wise it's been an easy diet, just lots of different types of fruits and veggies and greens, it's definitely a lot of it. But he loves it. Thankfully, he's a very easy eater. It would be crazy if he like wouldn't eat.

Well, And you had like a cyst feed him or something that would not be fun. So green iguanas, our pretty crazy species when it comes to size and care and attitude and color, like it's, a crazy color. So bright green, and it's, a really cool-looking animal.

But there's, certainly a lot that comes along with if it's kind of just all the hard things about reptile, keeping that people don't really expect from getting into it. So I, can't. Imagine what keeping an adult iguana all by myself would be like right now, if he. Had the attitude of this little thing, which is why I'm very glad that he is not that big there's a lot on the line for his future and how he has cared for up until this point, super glad that we got this experience with them, and we're going to continue having this experience up until he's at his final home. So yeah, I was really excited when we got him, but I was excited for that. The fact he was going to be more difficult.

So he is pretty much what I expected because I've learned about him a good bit. But now that he's here, I'm still glad we got this experience and I don't regret taking him in or anything first impressions are, yeah, they live up to their name of what green iguanas are known for being difficult and potentially dangerous as they grow and fast-growing because he's, grown a lot definitely some unique things that stand out that I didn't expect like the fact that they don't poop on you. And they really don't like lash out and bite if they're angry or whatever, at least this individual. Of course, it's, all going to be different to don't. Take this guy as an exam for the whole species, but that's another one of the cool things is that they are so individualized between them because like I, don't know, every corn snake, you can pretty much predict the personality, maybe a little nippy as babies and then pretty chill as adults. If you work with them, but iguanas are just so different, and it's.

So individualized with so much unique personality. It's very cool to see, so I do kind of hope that we get. To work with more iguanas. So we can really compare this experience because it's I'm sure it's going to be different, possibly better, but also could be a lot worse. What do you think of the species? Do you have any tips on the stupid humidity and the stank?

I? Guess, this should really just be like a full wooden or glass enclosure or something, but I really thought the plastic would help, but uh, nope, it's also pretty ugly now. But oh, well, this is the green iguana.

And before I in the video now I have to get them. Back in the enclosure, yeah, I'm also impressed I, find LAN tickets to come to using gloves. I never thought I'd do it with an animal I, can't, I'll. Let Me have this very tiny viewfinder on my camera and that's all I have to go out I'm, just going to let him hop in the enclosure. Did it work?

Hey. Look at that teamwork you.