Escaping The Sewer!! Roblox Ultimate Slide Box Racing

This is the moment. This is my time I'll fight. If it's over, and I'll, probably fail. Hey, dimmers today, I am playing ultimate slide box racing let's.

Go all right, oh, okay. VIPs productive. Mr. duck. What up? Yeah, yeah, right. Whoa.

Rainbow box. I, don't know what? Again, what again, yeah, go did it? Did it? Did it? No I?

Am box, but whoa, right into a trade? Where are we going? Did you ow right into a mountain Gina above where the hunters? Oh, oh, my goodness. What?

Oh my goodness, we're going so fast? Whoa, oh, no. Wait happily left right, oh, oh, oh Doritos waffles out.

Everybody literally missed it. Oh, the Illuminati one Illuminati box, I, don't know, where are we going? Oh, no, how books I'd have no no completely Mr. toilet.

This is good going backwards. Oh my gosh, if we win can I think it's for me sweetie telling you, okay, oh no, oh gosh. Oh, oh right in the middle lobe, is it? Good? Is it good? This is good.

This is good. This is good. No. We are so close. Come on. Come on Oh, Oh, always done a backflip still going.Come on come on yes, yes.

Can we still make it I? Don't know, I think we can though it's this bit I think we're going to make it. Yes, no I'll, be like don't. You dare be okay. Did you just? Oh, this is the end incoming drop. Okay.

And how come on you can do you? Could stop spinning? Go? Go. Go. Go. Go.

Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go Wow.

Come on. Come on Pepe. Oh. Do it for me?

Man? Do it for me? Yes, Aziz I. Think we have done it.

Ladies and gentlemen, if we don't make this job, I am literally going to be like why? Why am I down here. And help we didn't make the jump though we're backwards again, mmm, dad like inside right now, I got butterflies in my stomach here. It is.

This is it. This is the moment the same time. Our fight is over, and I'll probably fail, which I still have not. Yes. No. No.

You are not. You are not yes, holy moly. Now, I just need to make that jump. We just need to make now a job. Okay.

So incoming drop, which is nearly the end come on if I fail. This incoming drop, then I, don't know, don't hit us. Mike.

Okay, spies don't. Killers. Slows us down though, oh man, oh, come on. Come on exit exit exit.

Wow. We hit yet come on. Yes, yes. Yes. So close.

I'm. So close I will do this guy's some too close calls too many close calls? Yes, oh by like centimeter, we did why watch Ready Steady Go, nice, yes, yes. Yes. Oh bacon, I know, he's taking so long die.

Daddy, dad come on incoming drop, oh, my gosh, she's, legitimately, Oh wasn't, be like he's legitimately pulsing this. He was until that happened. I'm, not I come on over this way. Then no I don't come on II. Think. If you do not make this jump, then I just don't know, anymore, see the dog and I can see freedom. Yes, yes.

Yes. Oh my goodness, oh, do we did. We do that say, Died shipping jump, I, don't want to fail. This Oh, big jump, holy moly. Come on what yes, yes.

Yes. Yes. No don't fall off. No, no, I'm. So happy that I'm able to be anything are you by there?

I never move. Okay. I'm glad you're happy. Man, I'm glad you're happy. This is it. This is the moment.

This is my time by 10 it's over and I, hopefully will succeed. Why? Okay, my.

Heart is pounding, but I know exactly what I have to do once I've crossed this big drum, holy mackerel I had no chance so far the only winner is productive. Mr. duck. Wow, awesome.

Oh, no. It's. Nice. Nice. Nice out. Nope.

Not nice. Bouncy. Are you going the right way? You're going the right way? The moment got a lot of altitude? Yes, gross so far. So good come on.

Come on. Come on it's, big, drop need to slow Susie, slow down. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. This is it.

This is the moment I thought, I had it all right? So perfect. Oh man, I'm, literally facing right now. I'm, actually shaking I lost connection.

Hey, guys, I am back Baku the game crashed so let's do this oh man, I got lots of nerves I have lots of nerves I think the Doge 2.0 will give me more look. Ok? Is it good?

This is good. This is good I, love you so much. Thank you me too. Thanks I'm going to through incoming drop. Okay. Wow, you're like.

Wow. This is doping. Do me. I can actually hit one.

Yes. Let me just hit same old ones. Good job. Oh, wow. Okay.

My goodness crazy. Okay, um, um, um. No I. Thought we could do it I'm actually, not wait sad now, gosh, me Gomez I'm, coming me. Then, okay. Come on right?

I. Don't. See you, oh, oh man knows clothes. No don't. Does it doesn't? Do it to me?

Give me look Drakes. Give me look. Wow. I was like what no no how many times are going to be one this fails, yes. How do you know? Really, you will know once I, upload this video, you will know, yes, will I follow your real one when a click a name Hussein unfollow, but because he just good because he ate dog, hmm, no, no, no winners.

I know, Right, yep, got a company this guy's trying to test me like if you're real do this does that really as toilet hates me rolls for days, lots of momentum. Yes, perfect. He's. In just show you the fake one, but I'm, not I should, I say, stop being me and I. Guess, it happens.

Me. Beans, AHIMA, hey, donut, he's fail. What no I'm not fake. He 100%, real actually that's true.

Real. Why don't you visit meal I ice climbers, but really you have to believe man, oh, this is so hard, concentrating so much right now, he's, a gem investor? Defender Thanks, thank you. Come on No. We bounced off the roof.

I will do this. Oh, goodness, I was so close I nearly died. Oh, my I'm like, oh, and then a miracle happened. I pray.

Awesome 1 2. Now the objective is to complete this that bits gone the toil a bit done, done and dusted. It is now this is this I can see some either someone's in there, or the bot is it's, just the Box on its own. Yes, ok. It's, right where are through and then keep on going all this low slope if it slows, if it slows, oh, my gosh, they. Actually slowed we write, we write something right?

No it's, not no it's going to run right directly in No. No don't know, no just don't know, don't do it. So here my box it's, come true. That's, how I feel worse? Oh, wait a minute, whoa, whoa. That's.

A line. My friend said, you soaked, that's, a lie a huge one Hey. Oh, my goal. No way. What let's go get this clear? No, oh, why they're on Pikachu when it's for me, we mix for me, go? Okay.

So saying exactly in that place to see, literally, you see all the boxes just littered. Around the bathroom okay, this is kind of good. Do the best you trip alone.

Thanks, hey, that's motivating me. Thank you. I.

Don't want to go back up there. I am NOT going back up there. Yup, thank you. It feels good to have bands that well trust in me, Ethan dry dryer. I've actually played terr aria, hey, hey. And we had, you will actually record a video, but I have played two Aria.

And it is. It is fun. This is it I?

Can do it? Thank you. Big jump. Go no way. Oh my gosh, no way.

I don't know how you get all of these. Yeah, It's like aha, you can fly using that that's cool or hang glider. Please, ah, ha, hiya fires, noobs to go around in circles, having me back man, Oh, My. Yes, yeah.

This is amazing. Please click a roadblock. See it? Oh, okay. So you can move into a type of dog.

I have escaped the sewer. This jetpack is ready. Hey, what's up flare doing in it. But when you go by these itches flew around my room like I, don't care, why? Yo, dude now I'm just sipping its. A milkshake, whoa. Should be beaded.

Whoa. Okay. Oh, no way I'm getting this. Red one and this one that went flying, oh just actually kind of cool, but how do you use this? Oh, okay, how do you? Oh, whoa, Gyeongsang.

And we haven't stuck in the edge of the toilet. Ha, ha, ha, yes. On top of here, I'm just going to fly like a bird. What will this do?

This is like I think that right like there are lights is flowing. Yay, this is awesome. Right? Guys, I have finally completed this long it is taken so long, but we haven't done it I. Hope you liked the video if you did smash that like button, and I'll see. You next time, bye.