Best Spy On Native Ads Tool 2021 For Clickbank Offers From Mgid Revcontent Outbrain

What's going on guys today, I'm using an Asterix by tool, I'm spying on ClickBank campaigns that are being run on native ad networks. And you can see right away. Man, there's, some stuff, fat loss here, fat loss, diabetes. So people are running a lot of different things. And if I click this and that's, the ad they're running and that's, pretty cool looking at if ad. They got the simple morning drink. And then they got people pouring banking soda into a glass.

So that's gone that's going to make people curious. To make people want to click and see what that's all about and offer lean body burn. So it looks like they're direct linking to the particular ClickBank offer, and they're, not using a landing page and here's another one using a popular brand. So it seems like that's, something that people are trying to do with their ads, use a well-known brand and kind of make people curious about how that brand factors into their ability to lose weight. And this is another lean body burn and sort of direct Lincoln on.

That one as well, and you got some stuff here solar panels a diabetes remedy, which is something I tried to run a little on rev content. A couple of years ago, didn't have too much success with it. But let me see if they're direct linking on here as well.

And so it looks like so far. A lot of these people are just direct, linking I'm, not really trying to not really trying to use their own landing pages. So a lot of people don't like the direct link, it's, a's, a lot of talk out there, saying you. Shouldn't direct link and things like that. But these people are direct linking and their ads have been running for a while, um, this campaign started September 15th, and it's been last seen on December the 8th. So they ran that for a few months. This one has been running since the third.

And this one has been running since October 30th. So obviously these ads are working if they've been running for longer periods of time. So that's, what the spy tool is good for man. I think that's one of the best.

Features, you can see if somebody's been running something for months it's, obviously working for them. So you can pretty much take the exact same, um words that they're using you can use that same exact image just click it and download it and pretty much grab it and set that campaign up in the same ad network. But it's, definitely looking like just a lot of fat loss, offers a lot of fat loss offers here. Let me see.

This is another one where they're direct, linking proven get proven. So they're direct. Linking on that, you can also see the countries.

A lot of people get caught up in thinking that they have to run all these offers to the US. But I mean, you can make some money from some international countries, and they're got mostly us. Then Canada, then I got a few other countries down here, I'm interested to click a few of these and see if anybody's really just focusing on international, um and just leaving the US out completely, and they're us only pretty much here with that. Number one, let me check. One more see. So, yeah, it looks like a lot of these people are doing us only, but I'm sure some people here that are focusing just on international. This particular campaign is Spanish speaking, so I'm sure that Mexico is probably a top destination for their traffic.

So this is Mexico, and they've been running these for a long time. And I've actually run this offer this spanish-speaking diabetes offer. I ran this on rev content.

And I was like getting no traffic. I was raising my bid every. Day and still getting no traffic. So I don't know, I'm surprised that they're even running this for that long.

I wonder what they're making because I got nothing when I was trying to run that offer, but a lot of diet stuff and that's the focus and especially with new year's coming up. I can see why a lot of people are running these ads. And you got some back pain stuff. You got a lotto offer I'm interested to see what this is, uh, life insurance that's, probably. And that page is expired.

But the three. Main things you see here, diabetes, fat loss, and then it's back pain. So those are the main three things that people are running when it comes to native ass right now. I don't see anything else. And I know, some top offers on ClickBank are related to like, spirituality and terror readings and things like that. So I'm very surprised that I'm, not seeing any of those offers popping up, because those are some top 10 top 20 offers another one is ted's will work and selling a woodworking offer. So it doesn't seem like people are promoting those on natives.

So it's, probably something that a lot of people try and didn't work. So a lot of people just stop running it. But if you're running to natives right now, it seems like people are making money like I said with diabetes, weight loss and back pain, but you could try some of that other stuff.

I just mentioned before you could try woodworking and try to target that to men. You could try something like, um, you have like pills and stuff on ClickBank. They have appeals offer where you can sell diet pills. You could try a tear it off or something like that. So you could try to do what other people are doing copy them, or you can try and do something different and promote something different. And some of these campaigns have been long-running a long time. So it definitely would be good to copy some of these and test them out for yourself.

Now, let me pick a certain network, I'm going to pick rev content just because I've used them before and see if. Anything different or new is popping up. Then when I last ran with them, and I mean, I haven't run anything on rev content in over a year. And I can see people are pretty much just running the same exact stuff same stuff as before a year ago, two years ago. And I mean, if it's working keep going with it, I'm going to check Taboola, which I don't, really think they're, to affiliate, friendly, but I'm gonna kind of see what people are running on Taboola. I think people that's more of a network where people just. Run traffic to their websites.

They don't really run stuff a lot of stuff to ClickBank, but we'll see, you can see not a lot of stuff showing up for Taboola. I think that they're not really to affiliate friendly, especially for the spammy scummy type offers like diabetes, cures, that's, not something that they will really allow on their network. I don't really think here's one. But this was more of a. I don't think that was a ClickBank offer I'm going to check mid. Another network I'll use in a pass see what. People are running on mid, same stuff, fat loss, diabetes, diabetes, diabetes, diabetes, a lot of diabetes.

Yeah. So you got your top three offers to focus on. You can see what people are doing with their ass. And what they're saying in their ads, they're, using fruits and vegetables that people are familiar with using eggs, and they're using brand names. Baking soda. We saw coke bottles.

Just other weird images that are going to make people curious and make people want to click. So you know, those are definitely. Some things that you might want to try out if you want to run natives, I would certainly say I would say, mid, I had more success with mid than I had with rev content and maybe out brain.

If you can get some stuff sneaking through, you could get some decent volume with them as well. Because I know they have a lot of volume looks like people are getting through with some back pain campaigns on our brain and a couple diabetes campaigns. But like taboo the out brain is one of those networks that.

They're, not really trying to have a lot of spammy offers. And those odd offers like curing back pain, cure diabetes. They don't want that cure blood pressure high blood pressure and stuff. Because obviously a lot of that stuff is just too unrealistic. And they don't want that to affect their reputation as an ad network. But you see what people are promoting you can go ahead and jump on mid, promote some of this stuff see how it works out for you.

Let me know in the comments, if you want me to spy. On more ad networks, if it's a specific advertising network or a specific affiliate network I'll be using this for the next 30 days, maybe longer if I am able to steal some campaigns and have success with them. So let me know in the comments, and I'll see you guys in the next video.