Asmr Fortnite Og Soccer Skins Are Back! Daily Item Shop 🎮🎧 Relaxing Whispering 😴💤

An s, m, r, gaming news, everyone and welcome to a new ASMR gaming news, Fortnite daily item shop. Video. So let's, take a look what's new on the Fortnite item shop, I'm really curious to see what we have here today. So let's just jump right in. Okay.

The Linville gang pack is still here. We got these other ones as well. This stuff is still here.

Wow, x-force and uh, Deadpool cuddle pool stuff, um, Rogan, gambits, bundle and sets are still here. Naomi Osaka is still here by the way, I'm still super tempted by that. Glider, uh, we got the monarch pack. Still here FNCS skin jelly is back nice to see him. We have the cross bounce, wiggle get emotes.

Infinite dab is also back, uh, crystal and Bronte. I like the crystal skin that's, a fun, one sail shark. You have cozy and comfy chomps. Oh, they brought back the soccer skins. Okay, yo. But uh, the batman movie like just came out. Why don't we have batman skins on the item shop can someone explain?

I thought we were going to be getting like batman stuff for the new movie on a. Fortnight item shop, I guess not today, maybe, uh tomorrow who knows so if you're picking anything on the Fortnite item shop, be sure to use code, ASMR gaming works on Fortnite and on the epic game store. So here we have these star playmakers bundle. We have poised playmaker represent your country in style. Finesse finisher represent your country in style.

Uh, clinical crosser, super cool. I like these like soccer, skins and dynamic triple. These are the OG soccer skins. They were very try. Hard in Fortnite when they came out, and you could customize the jersey logo and select the country you want to represent so pretty cool. You can switch it up represent your favorite team, very, very nice set.

Then of course, you can buy the skins separately and over here. They have the guys. So we have midfield maestro, super Stryker, stalwart sweeper and aerial threat. And these are also fully customizable as well. If you don't want to buy the bundle, you can buy the skins separately, they're, only 1200 v, Bucks same goes for the girls over here, uh, then we have their uh their set to their gear. The elite cleat harvesting tool, very interesting design for those unaccustomed to defeat. We have the vuvuzela festively loud.

It is pretty loud very colorful, though I can't really see people using this one even to this day like I've never seen people using this in game, not sure why, but hey, it's reactive, I think when you eliminate someone these make a sound, we have the gold bound glider, pretty cool designed. For glider check that out go, uh, we have the kick ups emo. This one's actually kind of nice, look, no hands.

That takes a lot of skill and the red card emote, just a simple red card, emo. Nothing else foul play and then down here you have crystal. I absolutely love the skin.

Great skin, crystal necklace the air, the glasses, even like the shirt being like kind of like a faded purple at the bottom and then becoming a darker blue as it goes up, really, pleasant, clarity, wits and vision. This one's pretty popular here. We have Bronte eating plants and taking names comes with the pronto bag back bling.

One for the ages, interesting back plane, check it out. Uh. I don't see many people using this one, not sure why I think this is a fun skin.

I kind of like the idea of a purple dinosaur, you know, barney the dinosaur or something like that. Here we have the pterodactyl glider solar into battle. It's got a pleasant sound to it over here. We have the bite mark harvesting tool. Take a bite out of the competition, 1200 b, bucks, pleasant. Sound, oh, it's also kind of reactive, like the mouth opens up just not right now. I guess, but it doesn't game.

Sometimes here we have a cozy chops fun. Skin take life for one chump at a time. I like the animated like tail, you can either remove it or keep it on comes with a shark shawl back bling, drape yourself in shark goodness, uh. And here we have comfy chomps, kick back and get chomp. And I like this one as well, they both have comfy and like cozy in the names.

So I feel like, you know, that's kind of. Asmr related, you know being relaxed and comfortable kick back and get chomp in comes with the overbite back bling. It's got teeth.

Look at that backpack, what an interesting design it actually looks like a shark bite. And here we have the sail shark glider, which is awesome. You can stand on this mechanical shark, take a bite out of flight kind of expensive, but it's awesome. I was gifted this many seasons ago, really, really like it. The shark slappers the power of a shark, the convenience of a slap. And the shark wrap, I mean, just look at that, it looks like shark like the actual skin of a shark almost does your rap have like the shark gills, even like a little scratch on the back there, pretty fascinating design.

Okay, not sure when that popped up, we still got the FNCS 3-1 champion skin. Here, two different styles. The real MVP comes with a victory strikes loading screen unite as a team defend the crown.

We got the winner's mark back bling, only the best infinite eye, music press play and become the. Hype and jelly is back jelly is like a fun. Fortnight skin. The anemone you don't want for an enemy, two different styles.

And the back bling Shelly has three different styles. This one looks like teenage mutant ninja turtles. And this one's like super colorful. I like it the most that's one, tough, Shelly, here's monk.

S, the monk s skin. Now some people tell me it's monks. But this skin, I feel is a reference to monkeys, you know, um twitch emo for those of you. That know, you know, I feel like this was like an.

Inside joke with like twitch and that community in Fortnite. And I think they named like a skin as a joke a little for that reference. But I may be wrong to send in the monkey here's, the peel pack back playing a snack for the road. And then we got cross bounce.

You probably heard this song on tick, took it's, pretty catchy bounce into the groove. I like it over here. We have wiggle with limo, never stop pickling. Here. We have infinite dab, can't, stop won't. Stop dun, it's so good and the sprawling emo, where. It's, pretty simple not much going on, but it does look funny if you're doing this after an elimination spring has sprang, and then basically it's all the stuff that I already showed.

But yeah, we got the monarch. I definitely recommend this one by the way if you still need to do a bunch of Fortnite challenges, it makes it easier. Naomi Osaka is a pretty cool set here.

You can even just get one of the skins that you like the most it's kind of based on like Japanese culture and stuff like that it's kind. Of awesome, I really like the gliders, they have a nice sound and visual like animation to them here. We have rogue and gambit has liked one of the best harvesting tools on the item shop. I think right now super cool.

They have the x-force stuff their gear and the skins, uh, Locke's, probably the most popular then down here. We have cuddle pool and raven pool with some funny emotes over here. I like the chimichanga and scooting emote and uh, yeah, that's, basically everything on the Fortnite item. Shop so, thank you all for listening for watching, please be sure to like comment share and subscribe, and I'll see you all next time. So long a farewell.