Akatsuki Reagindo Ao Rap Do Dio Okabe(Tobi As Dio)

Oops, So! this video to make Jose to be still from Rap do came I also wanted to announce that I made a new one for being gone with the channel. Miss no I'm going to leave the link of the channel of the video of the medicine. If you feel her along with the others, she also doesn't register and that's it, please. And it's already here. O, Cabaret decrease here. So I look UPI inside yours.

When I caused torment by taking from you everything, you had Jonathan, my person bigger than me because I'm going to steal. Favorite of the jaguar family I just started see it differently, One has to have the dog and her kiss I go down, even if it was you or someone else after fertility, you didn't get absolute power became mine as a Vampire practically God and many others. You movement I can drink now too much is the same as not your father was always better than you. Remember? The one who loves me that not a little bird, So guys and assemble I don't need an open heart daily for me. I have as a cover head comes out. Ba that.

Not to see you dead. So here your life happens now with the possession of your body power in me in manifests as God. My name is Dino time goes to before the order of a vampire blood of Jew Carvalho close entirely. Everybody whole goes close.

Entirely programming option, I'll return. What the angry I'll be able to stop myself. In fact, not even at the same time. I can contain myself waking up from death better. Not influenced me in his body.

His join my hair I understood his mind came to develop three So. No one knows what he is capable of but I and acquire the name popular revolt against my will no passage of time stopped. And it is my manifestation of the will until the time today, your family , I, didn't realize that I am going to kill you now walk towards me as you're going to beat me only illusion attack the door you close To, Die, very very very much. Will you can't understand 2016 will depend on now nothing will stop me from going black?

Not only with my look. My presence will make you. Oppressed now, you will be suffering. My name is Dino the time of the whole world. And the Miguel power tunnel photo of two is my time plus you are Hey, Hey, Hey.

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