Airsoft G26 Shooting Demo! Full Auto Baby Glock

Hey, guys, how's it going today's video, I'm going to be doing a shooting demo of my G 26. And this is going to be the semi in full auto version. So with this one I'm just going to do some just crazy shooting for you. Some single fire shots I'm going to give you some a few camera angles here to kind of work with I'm going to be using this little mini mag here.

And also the big Bertha, extended mag. So if you've never seen a baby Glock with an extended mag there, he goes pretty insane. So we'll have. Some videos of that coming up with this one. It definitely has a lot more kick I, don't know, for the extended mag I. Think it just puts more pressure through the nozzle, just because this thing's so little, you definitely feel a kick a little more I'll, definitely mention that all righty, so I'm going to go ahead and do some full auto shots with this thing with the extended mag I do need to have the glove on because I, don't know if you guys are familiar with w, ease full auto G pistols.

They kind of. Have and sane spray back from the back of the slide here. So when you go full auto on this thing, just sprays a lot of gas, and I've seen a lot of people get burned, pretty bad. So just to avoid that today, we're going to be going with a globe route, so I'm going to go ahead and switch this to the full auto now with this one, you could switch it while you have the slide, stationary I know what the KSC ones you do with the rack and back to change it just so it doesn't have any problem with the gun, but. We'll, go ahead and get into this.

Now so I'm going to do kind of burst shots here and then a flat, oh, you can see the gas, yes, definitely cold. You could already see the mag condensation, but it's pretty intense, especially with the baby Glock. It just flings that slide back me. Crazy.