*New* Fnaf Role In Among Us

And just like the no visor mod welcome to another terrifying. Video. This is five nights at Freddy's. Freddy can jump scare people teleport around the map control, different animatronics and eat people and poo them out. They would stick around for my turn to be the imposter. This gets interesting and also do me another favor if you don't get scared during this video hit the like button down below. And if you're not lying it'll, turn blue hit the subscribe button.

Hope you enjoy all right boys, wait for it. Wait for it look who's made this, oh boy, look, oh boys. I can't do this dudes welcome to five nights at Freddy's song, where are the bears? Oh there's, a brother right there. So how this mod works, the imposter can literally take over any of these bears chase us down and eat our faces. Teleport Sunday, yeah.

They can't teleport. Everything's. Fine everything's, fine, no guys, don't get scared. If you're not scared hit the like button.

This is intense, oh no. Somebody died there. Oh, no guys hit the like button. If. You're enjoying these mods right that's how we feed our families, oh, gosh, if you're still enjoying these mods to like, but boys was that you.

I don't know that was definitely you king. Remember, I said, you're, the guys it doesn't matter. The imposter gets stunned too. So one of you can't be the imposter. Okay. My god, this is so crazy that Freddy's just going to eat someone.

I just saw Freddy eat someone and turn them into poop. Oh, I don't want to do this. And of course, dude stick around for my turn to be.

The imposter, oh, yeah, I think I have a strategy that I want to try this will be interesting. Okay. Okay. Oh, please don't kill me. Okay.

We're. Good. We're. Good, we're. Good we're, closed. We just got dark watered.

Wow. Why don't we do these things? No listen.

I have something to tell you guys, what would you ever do? Another one like this I'm, not coming? Oh god, remember he can teleport. He can teleport.

Oh, I just saw him get eaten before I just saw him. Kidding. I just saw him get eaten amber. We just saw him get eaten. Just came in here, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Garrett soon, how long have you been together like the last 20 seconds?

I don't know, yeah, this whole round, Sunday, wait what's, going on what's going on do we know who it is? Oh my god Gary. Why did you press the button?

Get the button? Get the button? Get the button? Get the button? Yes, .

Can we maybe not play this anymore? Can we just call we just call it a day call it a day? Not stop. I don't want to be stopped. It gets ready for the. Stage get ready for the stage boys. I am Freddy look at this he's here.

Look, okay. So I have all these abilities. First, I can do a Freddy.

Army, let's do a Freddy. Army. Wait their goes. There goes one of my drones. I can jump scare and the bet on the jump scare just so I have to crap. I forgot it jump.

Scares me when I'm not Freddie dudes. Whenever I go over to this animatronic, I can take control of it. I can take control of these animals try to look at this. Look at this. Let me take off my.

Flashlight, watch this let's see where everybody's at okay, there 's's Gary I'm going to stand right here. I can't. Okay. Now we're going to take out king loaf and Henry let's, go ahead and hit king with it.

Wait has this one been there does that would be there? Wait I'm. So wait, wait, wait, wait, wait before headway. Henry, yeah, has this one been always here, I'm, not sure. But the overall map there was some Freddy fanfares moving. Let me tell you something right now.

Headway, , I'm going to go hang out with. I'm going to give myself an alibi I'm going to scare all of, whoa, what happened? Hello? Hello. Who's that is. It is me. It's me, it's me, it's me, it's me.

Sonny I was with me, and I was dating, and I was like this is look. There was a bear here right? And there was a bear there. And then we got scared. There was a bear everywhere.

Oh, oh, and we died here, and we died here. Wait wait he's, right there? Right there, oh, oh, no there's. His poop. Actually, oh there.

It is make sure he doesn't smell British. Oh, no. Okay, hit lights. Turn off that let's grab this one. Okay, where is everybody? Okay, there's, orange.

No, no. Please. Please.

Please. Please. Please. No. No. No, oh, is that bear always been there?

Oh, oh, gosh. Oh god, oh gosh. Wait. I just want this bad mood. Okay, I'm I'm done I'm done. I'll, leave you alone, please I'll, leave you alone. Just let me go.

I I I have to go find a change don't worry about it. Oh god, oh my gosh. I hate this so much.

Okay, okay. What I have a lot of information what's your information it's going to make me seem a. Little SUS, okay, listening. I would, I was with headway.

Yeah, you told me this and yeah, yeah, Freddy's. Okay, then I went more left at the map, and then I got locked in, and I heard someone scream, and someone was in reactor. And there was a poop on the ground and a friend that I don't think is always on Simon. I flash my light at him. I turn around. Furthermore, I flash it again.

He's gone. I panicked, I get jump scared. I run to the thing I don't get I jump scared again.

Furthermore, I don't want to be part of this vote me. Out I voted, he was by storage I could have sworn. I saw a move, and then I got jump scared. And he actually watched right next to me there's a lot of people claiming that they've seen Freddie. I don't know, dude, maybe they're all working together. Vigil vigils. I trust you implicitly with my foot.

I trust you implicitly with my foot. Okay, the lights aren't on me. Okay, let's grab this. He didn't see me the light. The light turned on me.

The lights are not me the lights aren't on me. Okay, okay. I have to be. Careful, okay, their lights, aren't, there, they're, lightweight, I'm, leaving I'm, moving, oh, no. No, no.

No I'm going to go here. I'm going to go here, and I'm going to give myself an alibi let's drop. The suit drop the suit drop the suit.

Hello. I don't want to play this anymore. I don't want to play this. Oh, wait. Why is there a thing on me? Oh, no amber help. You amber there's a thingy on me help, oh me.

Oh, no. Oh, no. Amber. Amber, amber, amber, amber, please help amber please send help and replace them. Please stand up. Somebody press.

The button press, the button press, the button. Oh, my god. Okay, I was in reactor and shows up looking for help. And then no that was awesome. No, that was oxygen amber's.

Lying it brought him out his phone. Oh, wait. It was obvious. Okay, we were over there. We got jump scared. And then I got attacked. I know who it is its me, vote mail, no it's me.

So the last person I saw the last person I saw over there were sigils. Oh. So the last person I saw on that side of the map I was over there, but I left before you hold. On hold on what's on the map which side, yeah, what side like navigation?

Yeah, I was there too. I was there, too all right? All right? Yeah, there we go. I quit all right. Listen to my foot. Dude.

I trust sizzles implicitly with my implicit later, honestly, Food, Henry, king and Gary are so lucky right now I'm, not going to lie. Okay, here's. What I'm going to do I'm going to kill the lights scared. You can't, see anything you cannot see anything.

They literally the lights are, oh, that was definitely wasn't there. No, no, no, no, no. No no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. No. Hold on. I can make it.

I want to make it before that was nothing. Furthermore, I want to make a deal. Oh, no, he's. Fine he's. Have you have this always been if I turn my flashlight around, and you're still here?

Hello. Hello. Can you say, hello?

Can you see me? Oh, gosh. I don't like this. I don't like this at all. Okay, I don't like this at all, oh no, oh no one's. Usually there, yeah, that one's I think that one's, usually there, I think that was good, but remember they can move. They can.

Move okay, security can I get a babysitter freeze? Wait, wait, wait, wait IAN, um, what whatever they're not always two here are there? Not always two here.

I don't think there's, always two here. Wait, wait. That means we could click three could clear each other. But where's baffle amber was just here, to keep your eyes, peeled, that's. So good that clears me and oh, okay. Okay.

Let's turn off. My light turn off my light. Turn polite.

Let's. Take control of this. One there's, baffle. Okay, I'm going to save gopher for last. Jump, right there?

Teleport, I don't appreciate it. I really don't appreciate being a part of this. How do I leave?

How do I do anything else? Um, hey, listen, oh, yeah, clicking heads. Clicking the heads. Oh, yeah, I ain't scared of no bear. I scared him. I'm, clicking heads, whoa, click.

It. Oh, god. I see you through the thing I see there you go. Please, please Freddie. Listen.

Alright. Listen I'll, put to the top of the description of my video. Whoever this is description.

Okay. Okay. Who's left.

Baffle is already sussed. Hello. Hello, hello. Hello. I think it's, beautiful. I think his bible shh, where did you just come from baffle? Furthermore, I walked over here with my legs, put it on my legs before keep where are you going bible?

Ah, where do you think you're going? Where do you think you're? Going let's just stand right here?

Let's have some fun. I can do this. I believe it, oh god. Listen. Listen.

Listen. We can talk about this. ever go. Go. Oh god, dude.

Freddy is so broken. Oh, my god he's throwing in my body, he's. So broken, every time. He snuck up on me, I guy hit the like button.

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