6Ix9Ine Girlfriend Jade Dissing Sara Molina

Yes, this is my natural hair just like she was like . I took my pink wig off. I just took my braids out and like did whatever left it. Thank you. Thank you. Guys. Thank you I'm.

Getting fat. I don't know what you're talking about, but definitely getting fat. My that, right here, I'm getting fat guys.

Let me know I need to start working out in the gym in the gym, oh, what thick? Okay, all right? Guys, fine. But I wanted to get done that's. Why? No? Sorry, you're, not seeing that are you crazy?

Crazy, crazy. Crazy. Yeah, 2020 is already getting crazy. I'm famous. I don't think I'm famous. Furthermore, I don't think I'm, famous guys, she's, very likable, very likable person.

And so I know I will, I don't know, I'll probably do something to this here, put it up, put it in the bun, put two pieces down who knows please, please don't, be weird. I'm live today. Guys, I don't come on live. So go ahead, ask me what you all want to ask me? I always talk about, oh I photoshop, yeah, which I see just to enhance it a little, but I don't need to okay.

So. Cut the , I am locked down. Okay, I was sick for like three days. So I got the little sniffles.

I got the little sniffles because I was sick. No. Thank you.

Thank you. No. I don't do any drugs. I stop smoking weed like three months ago. Thank you.

Yeah. I put my nose ring back in. I missed it I'm black and Puerto Rican I'm. Black I'm, mostly black. They crazy, right? They act crazy as .

I can't, I can't with you all, to dirty. I don't smoke. No more. I stopped my asthma started messing up. And I got in. The hospital and said, oh, no, that's it. I ain't smoking, no more it ain't worth it.

It ain't worth my life. How do you get so slim after the baby, I breastfed Jayla for like three months, and I had a little stomach still. And I was like I'm too young for a stomach. Let me go get some lip.

And I went and got a light lip in Miami and got a BBO. I know, but, um, smoking works my life. I was like, I have to upside. You know, Sarah's still smoke.

She ain't stopping for nobody. Yeah. I gained I'm like 140 right now when I. Was smoking, I think I was like 120 made me lose a lot of weight.

How much was my bbl? I think like six thousand I don't, even remember, yeah because it's not worth. I think mom, I Jesus myself. You did okay, say, hi, hi baby.

Oh guys, what's up. She's, almost look barbie. Girls barbie is barbie's barbie's barbie. You want to go on a swing.

Yeah. Let's. Go. Let's. Go get a beer.

You guys all right so tell them mommy be back. Mommy, be back. Okay. Guys. We're going outside. Okay.

Okay. Let's. Go. Okay.

Whoa. All right. Let me get.

Back going outside, mommy let's, go its fun. They don't want me to get on mommy hurry up. My mom really want to watch her.