14 Lines Of Hidden Inigo Dialogue After Hearing Mr Dragonfly's Story

Hello everyone. Thank you for watching. Thank you, especially to Chelsea. Thank you to its gaming. Thank you each. And every one of my channel members, welcome to the continued adventures of Mr dragonfly and Iigo.

A witch once turned me into a dragonfly. I got better. Yes. Mr dragonfly. This is where it happened. You were very brave.

I am proud of you. Mr dragonfly is willing to reenact his daring drop into the river as long as we promise to go get him again, silly brothers. We showed them. Mr dragonfly, this is. Where Mr dragonfly's new life, truly began, I know you cannot hear him, but trust me, he is reminiscing at the length. Mr dragonfly says, this place is bringing back bad memories. He doesn't want to talk about it at the moment.

Neither do I wonder, if mother is still flapping about inside that jar. I put her in the secret opening to mother's home is somewhere nearby. But with her in a jar, I feel it is lost forever.

It is probably a good thing to be honest. Mr dragonfly is happy. We visited the place where. He made his daring drop. He says, thank you for helping him confront his past dear diary. I told my friend how Mr dragonfly and I met, I thought, reliving, those events would be painful.

But instead, it felt cathartic dear diary. We took Mr dragonfly to the place where the brothers who captured us died. I think he is getting a little braver every day. I know, Mr dragonfly. Furthermore, I am glad I told our friend how we met too.

It is good to share. Mr dragonfly. Do you remember anything more about your past yet?

Ah, well, I. Wonder who you were someone important, I bet Mr dragonfly do you ever have nightmares about mother. It would be understandable. I was just asking you do not need to be so defensive tune in next time for more fantastic adventures, starring Iigo, the brave Mr dragonfly, the dizzy and call in the patient. Mr dragonfly. What are you talking about?

I know, but where would you find a small enough saddle? I do not think you have thought this through.